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Ubiquinol, Anti-Aging, Fights Dementia!


Really impressed: Dr. Risa Shulman and Dr. Robert Barry interviews, comment that if you were to chose just one supplement providing greatest health benefit…Ubiquinol, Anti-Aging, Fights Dementia! The overwhelming Mitochondrial benefits provided staggering! Relatively recently isolated supplement…last 7years…jump starts Coenzyme Q 10 (CoQ10) of which, reduced and effective form, body uses to transfer free electrons. Because of its superior bio availability preferential for those older than even 25!…and especially into fifties & up!

Aging essentially rusting process. At this micro cellular level means oxidation and relationship to Mitochondrial health and ATP. Ongoing balance between production free radicals and their mopping up and cleansing process occurring in our Mitochondria. Other message, loud an clear, from biologist Risa Shulman: its a fine balance. We actually do not want to blanket suppress free radicals completely, as there is also positive benefit from some exposure. My comment…our body hates continual status quo…one state too long…thrives from continual change…example fat burning metabolism of ketosis from partial fasting, should be interrupted intermittently, so that either the time regularity changed, and/or amount of nutrients varied! Example departure from restricted proteins and carbohydrates even once weekly! Same with free radicals…my approach…it’s love hate concept!

Our Mitochondria have electron transport chains, passing electrons from reduced form of food we eat, to combine with oxygen. This drives protons across mitochondrial membrane which recharges the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) from ADP (adenosine diphosphate) Essentially ATP is an energy carrier and that makes life! Ubiquinol, Anti-Aging, Fights Dementia!

Studies reported in Journal of Applied Physiology and Neuroscience demonstrates that exercise ALSO includes mitochondrial bio genesis in the brain, with potential benefits of reduction or even reversal of age associated declines in cognitive function. HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts..actually create NO or Nitric Oxide dumps that stimulate the production of more mitochondria to allow the capacity to remove the free radicals. Thus this fine balance! But from about 25 years of age our ability to produce Ubiquinol is progressively compromised. Therefore Message particularly for Seniors and those at risk Dementia and Alzheimer’s take UBIQUINOL! Ubiquinol, Anti-Aging, Fights Dementia!