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Exercise & Movement offsets Alzheimer’s

Exercise & Movement offsets Alzheimer's
Exercise & Movement offsets Alzheimer's

Specifically targeting Dementia and Alzheimer’s here….Exercise & Movement offsets Alzheimer’s…let it be optimal, and the MovNat exercises really help…just alone, they may be, for some Dementia victims, a more natural exercise ‘appropriate’! Someone suffering from Alzheimer’s may be along that curve someway…and Erwan’s practical exercises may be far more effective, with plus of additional balance of movement. “Exercise” and “Movement” are not always same thing! Our society…working, travelling, entertainment, mobiles and screens, to name a few items, is completely contrary to our inherited DNA, undergone over eons of adapting our bodies! We are now “locked” indoors! Spend approximately 13 day hours just sitting, for good measure add another 7 or more for sleep…this literally means 20 sedentary hours. Leaving a balance of four hours for movement and exercise! Ideally the whole equation should be the exact opposite…during our waking hours! Personally compensate by gym work…get that out of the way early! Otherwise too many obstacles, excuses, later in the day! But exercise routines are somewhat routine & ‘fixed’…reason delighted to come across Erwan Le Corre, and his MovNat movements.

Recently undergone surgery, requiring slow re-induction to traditional workout…and it dawned on me that Erwan’s exercises really far more natural and less specifically stressful. But also: Exercise & Movement offsets Alzheimer’s.

Added advantage of being accomplished in only some ten minutes! Not advocating just 10 minutes of gym work…but it leaves more availability for other specifics, such as HIIT and core workouts, plus ensuring full coverage of type exercise, that typically we usually miss by narrow band workouts to our regimens!

Balance of day, additional to exercise routine…need to incorporate movement, movement! Erwan emphasis on locomotive skills: walking, running, jumping, hopping…precedence manipulative skills: carrying weights. Also combative skills important: striking, punching. Tuck pop up, as demonstrated by Erwan…impressive! His concept: most people believe that being in shape is about looking fit for cosmetic superficial results. He points out people are happier when more physically active..this includes movement! Katy Bowman is a similar advocate of natural movement, and as much of it as possible! Exercise & Movement offsets Alzheimer’s.