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Spices Magically Mindful!

Spices Magically Mindful!
Spices Magically Mindful!

Something magic and overwhelmed European Western nations when  Dutch East India Company became active with introduction of Spices from Far East! Europe had languished with almost empty palette before, but more important, health wise a dearth of some of best antioxidants available. Somehow Northern evolutionary history made humans pallid but also negatively lean in this antioxidant quarter! Small amounts of herbs and spices can positively affect one’s health. Dr. Kellyann has often said: “The best medicine isn’t in your medicine cabinet, it’s in your pantry”! The concept of thinking that our spice rack and herb garden is really a natural pharmacy is apt! But also and significantly, Spices Magically Mindful!

Only tiny amounts are needed for dramatic effects. May come down to evolutionary history in that large concentrations not easy to find. Herbs and spices act as anti-oxidants and this results in anti-inflammatory effects.

Inflammation is the health evil that ultimately and usually overwhelms us. It goes to the very root of good cellular function. One can just about lay total blame for metabolic syndrome diseases also associated with memory!.. at the causative door of inflammation.! Spices Magically Mindful!

Key spices and herbs: 1) Tumeric, almost, but not quite synonymous with curcumin. Dozens of studies indicate inflammation markers drop significantly, such a C-Reactive Protein or CRP… and only after weeks! Just imagine the cumulative effect if we could just get our fighting ducks in alignment! 2) Curcumin, which is just a small portion of Turmeric…but specifically is good for diabetics!..but do not throw the baby out with the bath water, because Turmeric has other separate anti-inflammatory properties! Take both, and accelerate Turmeric effects to an astonishing degree. Eat and cook turmeric with black pepper, piperine in black pepper causes turmeric up to 2,000% more “bio-available”! 3) Cloves Cinnamon and Cayenne (the three Cs)..the first two for baking and Cayenne a great gut protector..particularly ulcers! 4 Basil..for soups, pesto and salads…very Italian! 5) Rosemary..”herb of remembrance”..brain again! all roasting 6) Ginger…another anti inflammatory magic spice…in teas, cooking everywhere possible! Spices Magically Mindful!