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Good Sleep Position, Good Posture!


Good Sleep Position, Good Posture! Notice new generation…continual stoops with hours of screen scrutiny with ‘hook’ of social media. Posture gone to winds! Heads perpetually bent forward! Unfortunately not just posture at risk…it’s health all round. Reflect: What is issue with our ‘new’ society…indoors…sitting at desks long hours…failing to achieve exposure to natural daylight…limited movement generally…IS NOW all the more exacerbated. Hitting before the workplace! Schools bad enough, with many teachers requiring motionless attention, but some now somewhat more enlightened! with students even allowed to move around in class!…also concept classes not perpetually in one room….students moving from class to class…also students encouraged to go outdoors! But social medial phenomena often fights back, and means exact converse! Personally, was lucky in equivalent to high school…attended one of those English boarding schools that insisted emphasis sports and outside! But over time saw my colleagues engrossed in bookish posture! Particularly legal types sitting long hours! Law partner, both litigators…tried to get him into exercise routine…literally saw his stoop worsen over couple of decades! Almost inverted snobbery of gowned, stooped, eyeglasses waving, advocate…in court, AND receiving unspoken approving acceptance by bench…(judges!)…who similarly tended to immobility, bookish appearance, and in reality adoption of unhealthy lifestyle!

But nightmare now is premature and poor posture for new youth! Good Sleep Position, Good Posture!

Salient pointers: adoption healthy sleep posture not an overnight!..fighting past legacies medical hyperbole of training infants (now adults!) to sleep on stomachs, sides, and reluctance for backs! Accompanying issues: sleep apnea…snoring…challenges often associated with obesity. But compensatory back posture really helpful to offset ‘daily bad posture’! Degeneration over years is helpfully, hopefully, offset by apposite position at night!  Obvious converse, compounding a bad posture by similarly sleeping with bad posture! But really worth the effort to train…gradually.

Key: right size of pillow supporting the neck! Size here important…comfort important when when head touches bed! Love the observation of movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” depicting 19th. century Asian sleep on thin pad mat with wood block for the neck! Good Sleep Position, Good Posture!