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Powerful Vitamin D Protects Coronavirus & More!

Powerful Vitamin D Protects Coronavirus & More!
Powerful Vitamin D Protects Coronavirus & More!

If you go back over the Vitamin D articles on this site, you will see that well before the Coronavirus Pandemic hit, I was very very bullish on Vitamin D. And for many fundamental and thought out health reasons.

It has always troubled me that seemingly persons in the British Isles are Vitamin D deficit and simultaneously in many subtle ways at a health deficit.

I have always struggled with the Catch 22 of persons with darker skins being consequentially disadvantaged because of the necessary increased exposure to sunlight to obtain optimum levels.

All this is accompanied by fascinating paleolithic histories of migration. This complicated by our so-called modern way of life of such limited outdoor sun exposure in any event.

Now data from the U.K. is demonstrating that even low levels of Vitamin D can specifically offer some protection against COVID-19.

It must be stressed that this is a causal evidential link that demonstrates an effect upon the severity of the virus to that patient.

Vitamin D has myriad relevance to our immune system. Even to our bone density!

It is relevant to the reduction of depression. Appears vital in any fight against Inflammatory Bowel Disease and is vital particularly with the fight against certain cancers.

Ironically anyone suffering from certain Metabolic Syndrome conditions is more vulnerable to COVID-19. This concept has been endorsed by the CDC.

These Metabolic Syndrome conditions include Type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity, serious heart conditions, and chronic kidney disease.

A simple, but not necessarily complete answer, is to make a significant difference by making just one change to one’s daily routine.

What is that? No big surprise at this point, it is optimizing your vitamin D level.

Another way of putting this: Getting the right amount of Vitamin D is likely one beneficial strategy that is the easiest and least expensive of most options.

This because it seems to minimize the risk of any infectious diseases including COVID-19 and the flu.

The irony is that Vitamin D deficiency affects so many age groups and races. This includes areas of the world where there is abundant sunshine. I include the Mediterranean!

One can just about be categorical by saying that Vitamin D level is predictive of disease severity! And I am talking specifically about COVID-19!

those requiring intensive care were more often deficient in Vitamin D than those not

Thanks to Dr. Panagioutou at Newcastle Upon Tyne hospitals. He has released data from a remarkable study demonstrating that those requiring intensive care were more often deficient in Vitamin D than those not.

Of the 134 patients involved, he found that patients in the ITU were more likely to have a Vitamin D deficiency than those in the medical unit, even though they were younger.

But what I like is that they were proactive in Newcastle up there on the East coast of Britain, and a typical Vitamin D shortage in sunlight area!

Once patients were identified as having insufficient levels of vitamin D, they were immediately treated with Colecalciferol, a vitamin D supplement.

The researchers theorize the lower mortality rates in their study may have been related to the rapid treatment for deficiency. Powerful Vitamin D Protects Coronavirus & More!

It should be noted that if you find yourself taking a vitamin D supplement, it is best to take it before noon as there is some evidence that suggests that it may affect sleep patterns.  On the other hand, if you are hoping to generate it more naturally with extra sunshine exposure, take off the sunglasses as the eyes act as a trigger to start production and then avoid alcohol as that will stall production.