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Learn Lectins…Dr. Steven Gundry!

"we are but one huge insect!" - Learn Lectins!

Learn Lectins…Dr. Steven Gundry! Newest book ‘The Plant Paradox‘ full intelligible information…’down to earth’ analogies…ground breaking and communicates…not so technically jargon laden…understandable! Same reason youngerhealthier.com so followed… 1) topic, intrinsically interesting, not killed with endless dialogue…2) subject, although technical, assessed through reader’s…usually layperson’s…eyes! Hey…Reality researchers! Gundry frontier and absorbing read…taken groundbreaking aspects, and now assess them with analogy.

Fundamental premise: plants developed lectins as self protection from predators… animals…initially insects…we are but one huge insect! How to deter devouring these sessile creatures predating us eons! Answer: They used chemistry…result lectins. And now: Learn Lectins…Dr. Steven Gundry!

Because of evolution and own chance symbiosis with bacteria, & virus…we humans have used a rapid adaptation of those non human organisms to survive throughout our own plant eating history! And primarily plant and fruit eaters we were! If we depended only upon evolutionary adaptation in our own genome, we would surely all have died off and failed! Multi times billions of these non human cells, with own DNA!.. that literally dictate our survival and account for our natural immunity, it’s our second brain and THE resulting enabling human adaptation…all fundamental to our health!

Some of us flounder…suffer metabolic syndrome disease & autoimmunity…resultant chronic inflammation. Gundry approach: logical…eliminate all lectin stress,…blood tests, and resultant identification! Then reintroduction, and finally compromise…as lectins are also good for us! Yes, appropriate and logical. Danger: not over viewing this excellent understandable treatise…no obsession and excessive paranoia…when just slight adjustment may do the trick! However…easier detoxify first, then gradually reintroduction…as lectins also fantastic polyphenols…microntrients with antioxidant ability to fight metabolic syndrome disease, including neuro-degeneration. These pre-biotics we have adapted to over eons…not black and white…find the vulnerability!

Example of continually learning: in past written about merits of brown rice. Now in context! Not by accident Asians for thousands of years stripped that husk! We Westerners think that’s where real goodness…actuality!..where lectins are!…and in concentration that may be too overwhelming. Rice not wheat or bean, accordingly Asians generally, until our Western diet tampering, lean, free diabetes, heart disease and other Western ails! Accordingly I revise my opinion…anecdotal ‘tip my hat’…and reason: Learn Lectins…Dr. Steven Gundry!