Home Recipes Quinoa, Gluten Free, Flour Substitute!

Quinoa, Gluten Free, Flour Substitute!

Quinoa Gluten Free Flour Substitute
Quinoa Gluten Free Flour Substitute

Last week, Vancouver hosted Canada’s largest Gluten Free Expo.  It was a magnet for any health conscious diet on the west coast. My own formula is not just reduction of carbohydrates; BUT also protein intake down. North Americans tend to eat three times more!…far too much protein…usually meat! Reduce over consumption meats, particularly large inorganic steaks! BUT…increase good fats! Ultimately Health is Cellular…and even beyond to our Mitochondria…it’s all about triggering DNA expression for resulting good health and Longevity. Let us zero in on Carbohydrates…advocate really cutting back white flour… actually grains really last 10,000 years developed societal Lectins!  However, a touted substitute, Quinoa, an Americas plant and local to Peru and Bolivia, also lectin, with similar negative potential! Incas cooked and neutralized, but first by first soaking, and then fermenting! They realized by trial and error! We can similarly BUT effectively in a Pressure Cooker! But Grains not so cooperative! That are not tamed this way! Quinoa advantage of also Gluten Free… interestingly Gluten also Lectin! But Quinoa a good Flour Substitute…looks like a grain, often called a grain! REALLY pseudo cereal, interestingly related to beet, chard, and spinach. Also complete protein, supplying whole spectrum amino acids, that we cannot ourselves manufacture. One those is lysine…important our immune system.

Think…. Quinoa, Gluten Free, Flour Substitute!

Quinoa, really seed, and good source of fiber. Contrast to grains, is productive fat source,..great fatty acids…parallels olive oil. Also full phytonutrients, assists many health fronts, such as fighting cancer, and the ever important target of reduction chronic inflammation. Significantly gluten sensitivity vitally important to about 5% of us…but if we are sensitive, it’s so, so important…those that react really should seriously avoid gluten. Also persuasive argument that aside from that hard core, spill over sensitivity effect to many of our population, that is worrying and surprising.

In our household, we often use quinoa as an effective replacement for grains, including any grain flour actually required in recipes. The objective is mainly to avoid white flour as much as possible, example by even mixing the two as a compromise, rather than subject to full onslaught of lectin gluten. Quinoa excellent in salads, soups, stews, and it is possible even to find quinoa noodles! Keep this seed at home, as great ally for overall health! Key not denial…but good alternatives.

Think.... Quinoa, Gluten Free, Flour Substitute!
Think…. Quinoa, Gluten Free, Flour Substitute!


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