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Those Thin Outside Fat Inside & Obesity

Those Thin Outside Fat Inside & Obesity
Those Thin Outside Fat Inside & Obesity

There two fascinating YouTube videos by Dr. Robert Lustig, first came out in 2009. It’s called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth.” Dr. Lustig also now has a follow up video series called “The Skinny on Obesity“. This all relates to Obesity and Fructose. Ongoing message of this WEB is drastic and severe reduction in sugars….but exists deadly type of sugar…Fructose, that we all should avoid. Fruit contains fructose, but it wrapped cellularly in fruit, taken in moderation, liver and kidneys can usually handle trickle of natural fructose. But HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) deadly. Exactly what that can of Coke contains! The biochemical chaos, after ingesting, immediately affects leptin and insulin sensitivity, with resultant metabolic syndrome consequences. How does this affect Those Thin Outside Fat Inside & Obesity?

Those Thin Outside Fat Inside! TOFIs…we have all met them…Difficult to know whether they fall into the Fat Inside part!..but many of these thin persons… often somewhat obese children completely envy…are prime Metabolic Syndrome candidates…it may take a while, but they will fall into the same vulnerability millions on the North America Continent. Problem of Health generally…it is long term contract with ourselves…a far cry from the immediacy of our children. So difficult to talk terms just year or two, let alone decades! TOFIs invariably envied at school, seemingly able to eat anything!

15 years ago 6 million children overweight…number now approaching 25 millions! Third population will have diabetes by 2050…AND TOFIs included. Those Thin Outside Fat Inside & Obesity.

Rough numbers being 40% Tofis vulnerable compared 60 to 70% of Obese. Means 30% of Obese escape as do 60% of TOFIs…Underlines Obesity symptomatic of an underlying problem, which I like to call Insulin Resistant Disease, otherwise known as Metabolic Syndrome Health issues. Solution….balance diet and avoid all sugar drinks like plague. Ironically, Coca-Cola is associated with the Summer Olympics! Avoid processed foods, almost without exception contain HFCS or high fructose corn syrup…Up intake of good fats…and really believe that Coconut Oil the best of all! Reason is that contains medium chain fatty chains. Avocado also excellent….both can be used for cooking…and Olive Oil, which should be used COLD for salads, and liberally! Also use them in my smoothies, as we are all really short in the good fats department! But still envy! Those Thin Outside Fat Inside & Obesity!