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Take Preventative Aspirin?

Preventative Health is really a statistical digestion of many factors

Preventative Health is really a statistical digestion of many factors, both Lifestyle and Diet, in order to optimize health positively. We are trying to achieve a right balance. The longer I am involved, the more I acknowledge our human adaptation, that turns harshness to good effect. A classic example: our largest organ utilizing the sun’s harsh radiation with the production of Vitamin D…so difficult for us to assimilate sufficiently through nutrition. Similarly way back….many millions of years….we were essentially primarily vegetarian. Consequently our bodies utilize those myriad of by-products as optimally as possible.

Aspirin was patented at the end of the 18th.Century. Bayer Aspirin is now often used, as a blood thinner. Take Preventative Aspirin?

But the problem is bleeding risk…both in the gut, and brain. It’s, unfortunately, almost a requirement to have had a heart attack to justify the respective risks! Example: at this stage it is only half as dangerous from the bleeding numbers, as is the risk of a second heart attack! Because of these statistics, personally, acutely aware of my family history, and despite that, gave up on the daily aspirin! And for other reasons, set out elsewhere in this Blog, a daily Statin pill that is really BigPharma push!

But a real assessment, and am personally still not sufficiently there…is to emphasize a vegetarian diet, because this makes Paleolithic sense. Our gene expression is then maximized. Probably veer away from the 100%, as an instinctive compromise. Again by way of example: certain cheeses, Gouda, goat cheese, brie, cheddar, as set out elsewhere in this Blog, are excellent nutrient contributors. They may well be symbiotic in providing balance, where 100% vegetables do not…similarly with fast moving wild salmon or krill for Omega 3. Put simplistically, perhaps pre-two million years, and certainly post, with the advent of fire and sophisticated tools, animal and fish food, complementing vegetables, now has a wider spectrum for biochemical contribution. Take Preventative Aspirin?