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Cheat Sheet Four Sneaky Scam Harmful Foods!

Cheat Sheet Four Sneaky Scam Harmful Foods!
Cheat Sheet Four Sneaky Scam Harmful Foods!

Thanks to Dr. Amy Lee, and including reference to her video. The following is a succinct summary of four surprise harmful foods we all seem to get conned into consuming! She recognizes the fourth, describes three but I am particularly concerned with Diet drinks and their history! So we will throw in Diet Drinks in the #4 spot!

On a recent trip not wanting to become undiplomatic with hosts. Too much faith in the goodness of their yogurt! This they eat almost daily with the mistaken belief of huge health benefits!

The four foods as follows:
    1. Yogurt: The reality that unless you make yogurt yourself from a living culture, there is almost a 100% chance that the yogurt from your local, even health food conscious store, is junk! It’s a myth that greek yogurt is healthy. Unfortunately invariably pasteurized thus destroying the healthy bacteria. Also usually the contents are way overabundance of sugars!
    2. Wheat Bread: It all depends on the store, but some brands contain High Fructose Corn Syrup or HFCS which is 20 times sweeter than sugar and has the quality of being addictive and processing straight to Fats. Then usually straight to the gut! Read the label carefully for not only sugars but HFCS. If it is from a national brand, it can often contain these processed food qualities and worse!
    3. Cereal Bars: Usually contain inordinate amounts of Sugar, Corn Syrup (HFCS) and Cane Sugar. Those marketed by Proctor and Gamble, the processed food conglomerate, distributing in the US, be cautious. Names such as Olestra, that after a successful US lawsuit, they then changed to Olean, ironically contains the word LEAN!
    4. Diet Drinks: The go-to articles I have completed are: Tim Noakes Wins Major Diet Case! and Diet & Gut Disaster! and Diet Drinks Dangerous.

This particular product of Proctor and Gamble is banned in Canda, the European Union and interestingly China! The latter could be one of the main motivations for largely restricting competitive trade from the US!

After all, China is also a highly toxic agricultural arena, with all the issues of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Plus GEs GMOs Heavy and poisonous metals, and anything that makes money. It is an export of food nightmares!

One of the negative health reasons that Amy discusses respecting some Proctor and Gamble product is consequentially a disaster. The blocking of our body capacity to utilize vitamins within ourselves. This is a new one for me. The consequences are an association with serious metabolic health issues.

The answer:

  • is always try to avoid industrially processed foods.
  • If bread is the quest, there are pretty good specialist local organic bread bakers.
  • Usually the longer the rising of the bread, the better.
  • Also, I have a rule to never eat white bread that equates too easily to white sugar!
  • Go for ancient grains and sourdough, but slow rising!

You have it a surprising Cheat Sheet Four Sneaky Scam Harmful Foods!