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Provocative Cardiology! Unseen Diabetic Problem The Norm?

Provocative Cardiology! Unseen Diabetic Problem The Norm?
Provocative Cardiology! Unseen Diabetic Problem The Norm?

I believe that Ivor Cummins (seen in the below video) and I are both victims of the ‘system’ in many, ‘many‘ respects. That is Health misinformation from whomever, whatever…researchers, government…etc.!

It all relates to that broad picture of Metabolic Syndrome Problems:

Means Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis. You name it! And I am including Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more!

Throw in Obesity, now International Malaise; as a major marker and manifestation of the issue and potential massive international ‘growing’ disaster.

Like Ivor Cummins, personally, from childhood into active adulthood, I lived under a self-delusion of being healthy. Whilst quietly those pillars of health are slowly chipped away!

  • Its a massive complication but essentially I really believe it’s mostly Diabetes 2, and call it pre, post, or even diabetes 3! Does not matter.
  • I lived my childhood to University in both English ‘private’ boarding Prep Schools and Public Schools…that are really private schools!! It’s never what it seems! The same continuum into Army and University! It remains so until today!
  • The dietary theme throughout and to this day is carbohydrates galore, to fill you up and ‘quantities’ of compulsory dairy with unending sugars! Only the Cambridge rowing team received special protein diets!
  • The failure of the medical profession to use real markers and the deadly incubation of latent disease is often a death sentence, but also really an unnecessary health issue!

Ivor is an inductive thinker that crosses all health modalities and clearly demonstrates a major problem with research and scientists. They languish happily in isolated pockets, without coordination and even confuse from inordinate shambolic research, often of shabby quality.

My one overriding conclusion:

  • a long road to stabilization, then an added continuum of near diabetic, despite plentiful exercise, and running! Eventually a weakness in Cardiology…in my case reflective of evidential slight calcification in the middle aortic valve.
  • It’s the same issue that hit Mick Jagger, but nowhere near as critical…so they tell me! And look at Mick..for years off drugs, most alcohol, and the regimen of an extreme athlete!
  • Key here is to press the button on modalities and disciplines of this site. Done effectively, I really believe one can eventually see the reversal or severe containment of calcification. Bring on the Nitric Oxide dump!

Now understand the amazement of Tim Noakes that he really is a diabetic. Marathon runner, competing regularly with triumphs and major successes in that realm!

It’s all so different from what it seems! For this reason, only a few of us will truly understand and survive. But if you throw Stem Cell and Mitochondrial Cellular comprehension into the mix you just might gain the extra twenty years despite the ominous sounds! Just have faith! Provocative Cardiology! Unseen Diabetic Problem The Norm? Yes!!!