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NHL Sidney Crosby & Brain Damage


NHL Sidney Crosby & Brain Damage…Hockey fans now really concerned about NHL hockey legend…Sidney Crosby. Monday was leveled to the ice…sustained yet again another brain injury. Let us avoid trying to weigh the arguments of blame! The real blame is against a sports culture…not just restricted to the United States and Canada, but all over Northern Europe and Russia. Sidney Crosby, originally from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia…(notice all Canadian spelling!)…another example of how Canada is a fountain of top talent, and now playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins. This hockey legend felled with a combination punch of two players on the Washington team…one penalized during the game…and both ‘exonerated’ from any further censure by the NHL. His notoriety, and incredible following, has now focused on Brain Injury. The brain is really only just getting understood. This BLOG crusading what we consider cutting edge research, and the concept of multi-disciplined and layered attack on Alzheimer’s and Dementia. These are of course brain centered…and the whole discussion of offset or even cure…really relates to Insulin Resistant Syndrome diseases.

Now concussion is caused by acute injury, such as Sidney Crosby, from impact…BUT…rehabilitation, the approach, and cure to some extent synonymous with brain injury from Metabolic Syndrome initiation. NHL Sidney Crosby & Brain Damage.

Thinking on Concussion predict soon change. Now it’s the equivalent of ‘bed rest’ so often the mantra of physicians and specialists in mainstream medicine, respecting operation recovery…BUT almost thrown out of window…Ted Carrick, a chiropractic neurologist…essentially new discipline…pushes the boundaries of assessment, and pro-active repair, at Life University near Atlanta. Where one of only three ‘whole-body gyroscopes’ in the world exist.

The understanding of Mitochondrial health and Regeneration are all relevant. For instance, if neurons can be regenerated, and at a reasonable rate for seniors…thus offsetting dementia progression…aside from early long term lifestyle precautions…then this may be RELEVANT to concussion repair. Personal opinion…that our DNA welcomes, through appropriate positive expression, ‘extremes’, to unlock that ‘hidden’ DNA agenda. Wim Hof…our extreme cold endurance man, just an example of such result…but surprising…because it all seems self contradictory! I have written an article about Win Hof that will soon be published…given that Sidney Crosby is currently important and so relevant. NHL Sidney Crosby & Brain Damage