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Skip Tempting Breakfast & Reap Health Benefits!

Skip Tempting Breakfast & Reap Health Benefits!
Skip Tempting Breakfast & Reap Health Benefits!

Following experts AND expeditors of their own advice: Rhonda Patrick…who used to work with Valter Longo, who himself is THE LONGEVITY EXPERT. And Joseph Mercola….who has personally evolved AND adapted as his research more informed and personally tested.

Rhonda Patrick observations, thanks to Mercola analysis and I will quote pertinent parts:

  • The timing of breakfast impacts the body’s responses to exercise. Exercising in a fasted state improves glucose and insulin parameters. This lowers the risk of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes
  • Skipping breakfast before exercise helps curb food intake for the remainder of the day, resulting in an overall energy deficit of about 400 calories
  • Women who skipped breakfast and worked out on an empty stomach had better working memory in the midafternoon. 
  • Fasted exercise is particularly effective for fat loss. Previous research shows aerobic training in a fasted state lowers both total body weight AND BODY FAT percentage while exercising in a ‘fed’ state decreases total weight only.
  • Fasted exercise may also boost growth hormone and testosterone production. AND help prevent depression and optimize tissue regeneration.

Fasted exercise helpful for fat loss. The reason for this because your body’s fat-burning processes are controlled by your sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Your SNS is activated by exercise and lack of food.

The combination of fasting and exercising maximizes the impact of cellular factors and catalysts (cyclic AMP and AMP kinases). These force the breakdown of fat and glycogen for energy.

Exercise and fasting together also yields acute oxidative stress. This, paradoxically, benefits your muscles. Reason Reactive Oxygen Species or ROS produced cellularly during exercise. The uplinks from DNA expression of resulting antioxidants beneficial.

This is one big reason that I do not take supplements to continually control Antioxidants. A classic example such as astaxanthin. It seems to me that past infatuation with offsetting ROS maybe not an overall objective!

Also, muscle Phenotypes seem positively affected….in other words, muscle efficiency effectiveness and even build up? or in reality fighting muscle aging. BUT there is a need for refeeding protein, such as Whey at OPTIMUM post-gym moment! This seriously important, as all the benefits substantially set back! This for another blog!

Personally, I might be remiss here as I do not need to worry about gut fat and SHOULD BE concerned with maintaining muscle anabolic profile. This a PRIME concern for any Senior!

Skipping breakfast before exercise helps curb food intake for the remainder of the day

In “The Exercise Mistake Which Makes You Age Faster,“ Ori Hofmekler states combined exercise AND fasting triggers a magic mechanism.

Which process recycles and rejuvenates your brain and muscle tissues.” This is the triggering of genes and growth factors such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and myogenic regulatory factors (MRFs).

BDNF controls neurogenesis, signaling your brain stem cells to convert into new neurons.

While MRFs are instrumental in muscle development and regeneration.

In other words, fasted exercise may actually help keep your brain, neuromotor and muscle fibers biologically young.

Also improvement of Insulin sensitivity.

Put another way: Exercising before eating a high-carb breakfast ALSO results in improved glucose sensitivity. Another Plus! Skip Tempting Breakfast & Reap Health Benefits!