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Avocado Seed Fiber With Cruciferous Detox Helps Fasting!


How to get started with Fasting!! Well short of outright water fasting…there is a compromise FMD (Fasting Mimicking Diet) that this Web has explored from numerous sources and angles through the eyes of those who have actually done the real thing! (and I am not talking Dr. Mercola who is fit enough to seemingly casually take a five day water fast in his stride…he is an example of the antithesis of most not being that equipped health wise without substituting a FMD!  Dr. Valter Longo and also Dr. Bryan Walsh, who has published a book on removing toxins whilst fasting…both have it right…in that most people are just not disciplined enough…or even well enough to undergo a complete water fast.

Avocado Seed Fiber With Cruciferous DeTox Helps Fasting! There is also that other nagging feeling (that frankly I have acknowledged getting from Dr. Bryan Walsh..but with difficulty) that toxins are locked up in our fat, and fat is ideal environment for this!..and the Ketosis process of burning that fat during a fast may unleash these toxins into our system. This is the essence of Dr. Bryan Walsh best selling book… How to Detox Your Body With Real Science.

It is important that we do not endure a negative backlash from these toxins. I notice that Dr. Longo has not dealt with this aspect but others have. That is the reason for the ‘why’ of discussion on how to process these toxins through our digestive system. Avocado Seed Fiber With Cruciferous Detox Helps Fasting!

It seems that cruciferous vegetables are ideal for this…now because we are in a fast…to accomplish this, the amount of vegetable must be extremely limited…just enough to lock on to the toxins and eliminate them during the fast. I have in the past published all kinds of references to substitutes for the Valter Longo FMD or Fasting Mimicking Diet. What he so neatly provides is a package of food for the number of days of diet to come up with the drastically reduced calories, yet give some sense of food consumption to the Faster. At one point I understood that just a couple of Avocados a day really provide the ideal equivalent in calories, and the content appropriate in the Avocado is good fat. But now from this short video I see the avocado seed is also prize. It provides soluble fiber and this assists in the alimentary process of movement of toxins…BUT we still need the cruciferous element!

A great powder that can be used along with the avocados and the seeds is found in the following video.  Just add a touch every day and there you have a method of toxin removal plus excellent Valter Longo subsitute. Avocado Seed Fiber With Cruciferous Detox Helps Fasting!

It seems the key is maintain the calories at no more than 800 in round numbers… remember the seed or stone of the avocado has nutrient value besides being a good soluble fiber. So perhaps two small avocados! Read somewhere that if the avocados are small count three! So here we are doing arbitrary math! plus the ground up seed powder to some extent…plus the cruciferous powder of Dr. Berg! Wow it was difficult to even relate this powder to him! Notice he does not even introduce himself on the YouTube! This shows extreme confidence or a somewhat lack of marketing…I suspect extreme confidence in what he is discussing!