Home Healthy Lifestyle Treacherous Over Exercise? Survive! Genetic Expression Signs?

Treacherous Over Exercise? Survive! Genetic Expression Signs?

Treacherous Over Exercise? Survive! Genetic Expression Signs?
Treacherous Over Exercise? Survive! Genetic Expression Signs?
Talking personally. I have a high CAC score. So anything to actually reverse atherosclerosis after years probable HyperInsulinemia! Our enthusiasm for carbohydrates and particularly sugar, staggering. Plus since the 80s there has been an overabundance of tasty prepackaged processed foods.
Then the numerous types of sugars!
Difficulty fine print of labelsé And incomprehension to nearly everyone as to grams of sugar to serving size.
The size in turn relating to the overall package size! Then add the difficulty of reading the fine print!
Also added aggravation of Diet Drinks! This not even factoring the Environment and myriads Toxins! CAFOs, GMOs, Glyphosate, DDT, Climate Change, Antibiotic resistance.
We are not even dealing with major misconceptions of allegedly ‘beneficial’ exercise regimes!
Assuming I get the diet kind of right!
Meaning low carbs, good fats and optimum proteins without overconsumption.
And then remember the right kinds of proteins! A tendency to avoid meats important. If we do then Organic!
But let us get to the exercise!
Personally keen to achieve frequent ‘nitric oxide dump’.This I know is good for endothelial cardiovascular tissues.
Also assistance in clearing this plaque! Known that exercise can induce this!
But we do not even need a gym! Ideally three times a day for the short five-minute exercise!
That is just only 15 minutes! And necessary to leave at least two hours between exercises!
Now to reconcile this with a regular gym workout? Key in the gym is not to overdo HIIT. So reserve Nitric Oxide dump for days off. When Gym not around. Or when traveling!
When in the gym, do not waste time!
If joint issues for older persons, select an appropriate machine! Such as an elliptical!
Real objective to increase heart rate to achieve BDNF. but SHORT-TERM!
I often think most people in the gym wasting time with lengthy cardio sessions!
Look at our paleolithic heritage. Surely no one genetic qualities for repetitive ‘extreme’ distance jogging or running! That’s the reason I disagree with the concept of marathon running.
Where repetitive stress on the heart, overwhelming.
Our bodies have evolved for Short bursts of stress. Allows appropriate gene expression! Human Growth Hormone is one! Think limit HIIT amount and HIST once a week!
Our gene expression comes from sprinting from carnivore for survival.
Our bodies no clue that this hungry animal is not actually after us, as we sprint HIIT on gym machine!
Personally I do not think Paleolithic man a jogger nor marathoner! Our Kalahari desert hunter mixes maximum pace and stalking. Uses cooling human sweating to his advantage! All this positive hormesis.

Overdoing HIIT floods the body with too many stress hormones. Also combining too much HIIT with other training and stressful lifestyle is too much!

In this environment, we release chronic high levels of cortisol. This hormone causes muscle loss, retention of fat, and lower resistance to illness and injury.

The fix: 

Just one HIIT session a week. Unless you are me attempting to reverse calcification!
otherwise enough for most, especially if also lifting weights. My weight training regimen is extremely short.
It is to muscle exhaustion and only takes about 15 minutes at the most! This includes a total of seven machine locations!
If you get the weights right in your head then at the conclusion, you are working out and sweating. But the blood flow benefit is reversed. from the lungs to the heart!

Treacherous Over Exercise? Survive! Genetic Expression Signs?