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Sauna Success, Remarkable Health, Cardio, & Longevity!


I’m very partial to Dr. Rhonda Patrick. She was previously a researcher with Dr. Valter Longo at the University of Southern California. She has a conceptual understanding of his breakthrough research respecting cellular health and longevity. This includes Water Fasting and Sauna Success. This I say is key to Cellular Health and Real Longevity. But also there are other complementary modalities. She now discusses. Some remarkable:

Personally, I attend the gym in the early morning. Reason?  Something will always interfere later in the day!
Try to integrate HIIT and HIST. (High-Intensity Interval Training and High-Intensity Strength Training).
example as follows:
Two to three HIIT workouts during the week. DO NOT OVERDO HIST…that is my fault!
Example: elliptical machine, but short bursts of some 30 seconds of full out HIIT. Recovery over 90 seconds. Then repeat 5 times.
Then HIST once a week, Using exhaustion of muscles at six stations.
Otherwise, finish with balance and mainly stretching. This provides nearly hour interval before sauna…Rhonda maintains this is important!
To Sauna.
Follow key Rhonda messages. Try to do routinely and daily.
Take the effort to complete 20 minutes. But find not an easy task. The final five minutes is really feeling the heat!
Precaution to make last-minute with legs on the ground. Then stretching with some alternate jumping. This ensures blood flow to the brain to avoid feinting on exit.
Remember blood pressure and resting heart rate become below baseline! Personally, have experienced feinting when not precautionary!
To Cold Shower!
Try to immediately allow cold water flow for two to three minutes.
This is the contrast from Heat Shock to Cold Shock Proteins.
What Rhonda discusses occurs in Finland for 10% immersion in icy Baltic waters!
Personally find do not really acclimatize to either!
But perhaps it’s a good thing, as Stress or Hormesis remains forever a new present!

But DO believe there is a stress combat and neurological benefit.

Rhonda: Sauna should even be standard of care. For prevention, even treatment for heart disease.
Sauna bathing 4-7 times a week at 79°C. (I think once acclimatized even slightly less temperature initiates sweating fast!)
She says there is a 50% lower risk of fatal heart disease. Also serious reduction in Sudden Cardiac Death. Stroke, and Hypertension.
These changes mimic physical exercise benefits! So if fatigue or lack of zest in the exercise room, Just back off there. Use makeup compensation stress in the sauna.
multiple benefits both she and I believe really likely!

Remarkable is: frequent sauna use association with a 40% lower all-cause mortality and a 60% lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

AND contribution to overall longevity seems likely! 

in lower organisms, heat shock proteins and heat stress itself can boost longevity.

Also been shown to prevent and slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases:

Alzheimer’s,  Parkinson’s and slow human muscle atrophy,

BUT also the association with human longevity. Sauna Success, Remarkable Health, Cardio, & Longevity!