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‘Master’ Fasting, Personal Strategy Hopefully Inspiring!

'Master' Fasting, Personal Strategy Hopefully Inspiring!
'Master' Fasting, Personal Strategy Hopefully Inspiring!

I have just come out of a four and half day water fast. This is the theme of this site in that water fasts is one of the most expeditious ‘passports’ or ‘modalities’ to health and longevity.

We can become confused about diets. I still am, particularly in the implementation of meat; but water fasting has a logical base and the immediate and dramatic results are profound.

One has to avoid health hazards, and it is not for everyone. Such as pregnant women, children, those under medication, and Type 1 diabetics. See other articles on this site!

The man who has probably done the most research is Valter Longo of University of Southern California. Almost three decades! Coy with comments!

At the moment he has to be on the right side of the FDA as he is combining fasting and standard cancer treatments to make use of the compounded effect upon cancer cells.

But thanks to his prodigious research in his and my opinion the optimum period is four and a half days, if you are lean, like myself, or 5 days.

I started Thursday in the office after a really late lunch! Realizing the weekend was coming up and wanted to take advantage of that. The problem of a late start is if you calculate the days and want to achieve four and a half days, it is difficult, as the cutoff is at 4 am! In future I will start after an early breakfast! This time with an extra night I was a few hours over! My next start time will be after breakfast!

Have already conditioned my body to ketone burning, and recently, in intervals, ignored Partial Fasting. Largely as I do not want to lose fats!

But not problems as I seem to retain an onboard body memory of how to ketone burn.

Lost a total of about 8 pounds, and unlike some others I know never had a bowel problem.

This has advantage of steadily depleting microbiome and toxin exit helped by a couple of charcoal pills.

I maintained slightly lighter gym routine and cold showers that may have assisted microbiome transport.

Also I try to maintain a quick burst of HIIT to encourage Nictric Oxide flood as I am a paranoid high CAC heart score victim!

As you can see it is a judgement of balance of health factors, including risk of muscle depletion because there is no ‘refeeding’ after exercise during a Fast!

Stretching and Yoga type exercises though are excellent for everyone!

Fasting on day three is my worst.

Alert but somewhat spinny! Tried to distract myself trying to concentrate on homework with my teenage children. A positive factor is one’s brain is alert! (being fed by ketones!). But a great somewhat negative motivation throughout this fast is to avoid wastage of my past immense amount of time ‘invested’ in fasting to reach my present capacity and plateau!

Day Four much easier.

The end in sight! Somewhat lethargic feeling throughout and up to now have found this in the recovery. Although my second lunch at the office am now feeling improved. Adapted to refeeding rapidly. Just started with four bowls of bland vegetable soup over course of first refeeding day! This second morning the ate organic apple, banana and macadamia nuts! Think the microbiome is now properly developing the right microbe flora! However am ‘coffeed’ out and feel the ‘down’…need to avoid for a few days!

‘Master’ Fasting, Personal Strategy Hopefully Inspiring!