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Coffee Truth Triggers Jeopardy

Coffee Truth Triggers Jeopardy
Coffee Truth Triggers Jeopardy

Bottom line, and a unique one to me, if you can handle coffee by metabolizing it quickly, then it is likely a winner for you!

The video by a great analyst who just loves ‘putting everything to the test’…but that means interpreting the test! And that he does so well. He is really used to this process!

It would seem that coffee is a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ type of drink!

You really do not know if you fit into the ‘safe’ category unless you make a supreme effort to read whether you are a rapid metabolizer of caffeine or not:
Nearly everyone going into that Starbucks is, in fact, ordering ‘caffeinated’ coffee.
So how do they assess whether they are part of the majority who seem to be able to metabolize caffeine well?
Or are they part of an unfortunate segment of us humans who they do not have that metabolizing caffeine capacity gene.
Who, unfortunately, as a result, do not get the protective effect of being ‘rapid metabolizers’.

I have difficulty in understanding the Video as no doubt others will. It seems to me that if you are on the watch you may successfully come to the correct conclusion! Basically, you do not want to see an accompanying adrenaline rush caused by the caffeine.

Now if we can qualify as rapid metabolizers the multitude of complex polyphenols that are contained in coffee become unleashed to one’s advantage!

The speed at which we metabolize is this key:
Seems four cups a day are about the limit for coffee, providing one can fall into the right bed category!
Given that the majority of North Americans drink coffee daily. This translates into a million tons of coffee a year! Let’s hope that most achieve this miraculous benefit!
But remember other caveats:
Try to do this before midday! We want that caffeine out of the system anyway by the time we go to bed!
Also, make an effort to just not have coffee for a couple of days a week. This way we are not dependent and the beneficial effects then become above the bar!
We avoid the negative hook of continual caffeine and our average benefit shifts upwards on that graph!
Try to drink the coffee black, this way we avoid the sugars and even dairy, also assist in ketosis if you have your coffee within the thirteen or more overnight fast!
Remember that article I wrote about heat, it is far too easy to drink too hot if you are drinking black… so let it cool down!

On balance, coffee seems good BUT Coffee Truth Triggers Jeopardy