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Devastating Luke Perry Stroke, Lifestyle Struggle?


What are strokes? 90% ischemic, meaning there is an obstruction in the supply of blood to the brain. 10% hemorrhagic, where blood vessel actually ruptures. Luke Perry suffered from an ischemic stroke.

Problems: The longer the brain is without oxygen, the greater the risk of lasting damage. Emergency medications and implementation today are excellent and an ischemic clot can be dissolved. But time is of the essence. Rule of thumb is within three hours! Best to get that ambulance to the hospital Emergency Ward where they will make any stroke case a priority.

numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg especially all occurring on one side. Face drooping?
Confusion meaning understanding or speech. Sight problems such as double vision. Loss of balance, coordination and trouble walking.
Headache, or even nausea.
Remember that symptoms can disappear typical of mini-strokes or transient ischemic attacks, but get to emergency!
strokes now the fifth leading cause of death in North America! And problem as so often is long term disability.
Helpful acronym FAST:
F: Face drooping
A: Arm weakness
S: Speech impairment
T: Time to call emergency and ambulance.

Luke Perry was relatively young at 52 and reflects a growing trend, not least from negative lifestyle changes for most in our growing contrarian society.

For lower risk of stroke:
Eat real food, increase vegetable and fruit content so that TMAO levels reduce in microbiome,
boost fiber and fermented food intake,
exercise regularly, optimize vitamin D and magnesium levels, address stress, limit and try to reduce alcohol consumption, and quit smoking if you are in that category!
Interesting that Magnesium particularly relevant in the prevention of strokes when compared to heart attacks!
For our youth and society, a generally magical source is vegetables!
Another negative to avoid and easily consumed by Hollywood actors is diet sodas. Drinking just one diet soda a day may increase your risk of stroke by 48 percent

I remember Luke Perry from 1980s television show “Beverly Hills 90210”, his continual work ethic and ethos ongoing into shows such as Riverdale.

TV star and finance Wendy Bauer, 44,  set to marry in Los Angeles on August 17. In a statement released after his death, “The past 11½ years with Luke were the happiest years of my life, and I am grateful to have had that time with him. ….”

Luke was previously married and his greater and closer family was at his bedside in the end. One would think that the stress of work or family a pass for him. Maybe sadly chance victim of pre-disposition genetically, and lack of knowledge means usually less motivation for lifestyle genetic positive uplink expressions. Thus Devastating Luke Perry Stroke, Lifestyle Struggle?