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Forbidden Coffee Tea Heat Formula a Problem!

Forbidden Coffee Tea Heat Formula a Problem!
Forbidden Coffee Tea Heat Formula a Problem!

Dr. Farhad Islami, is the director of Cancer Surveillance Research at the American Cancer Society. He is so convincing that ‘prospective’ results into the future, as opposed to ‘retrospective’ from memory, ALSO confirm a strong association between drinking HOT beverages and Esophageal Cancer.

His advice is just waiting long enough:
for that coffee or tea, to cool down just enough.
The breakpoint is 140°F = 60°C
You can tell easily as your lips just do not sting that much at all!

This study, with over 50,000 participants, finds that the chances were 90% higher for cancer. This is a really an amazingly substantial amount!

I personally learned to drink the non-English way in my twenties in Switzerland:
That is black, but it means hotter. As the English reduce the temperature naturally with milk that is always at room temperature!
And they seem to put a lot of milk into their teacup!
It disguises how terribly strong their tea really is!

Any benefits personally to achieve from black teas were more than offset by this temperature risk! I even learned to tolerate high temperatures!

Unfortunately, the benefits are more than negatively offset by this temperature issue:
Our risks are therefore to the lining of throat, environmental, being simply temperature, or from irritations such as tobacco.
And for my mind the high risk of alcohol that is definitely carcinogenic, aside from the long term liver damage!
What is so interesting is that coffee and tea have so many positive health benefits. But all these are ONLY at temperatures lower than 140°F.
However, they then include lower risks of Dementia or Alzheimer’s, Heart Failure, Cancer, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Diabetes!

Really the $3 Billion Human Genome Project is a failure in concentrating on Genetic origins to diseases.

This because as John Cairns, our British molecular biologist points out, responses to the environment seem determinative on genetic expression. Genetic expression uplinks from outside environmental factors, such as toxins, diet, exercise, heat shock proteins and cold shock proteins.

Our DNA predictability is completely set aside by these uplinks! What we are born with is changing because of epigenetic factors that literally turn DNA on or off! and whimsically! Really, Forbidden Coffee Tea Heat Formula a Problem!