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Alcohol & Alzheimer’s Amyloid

Alcohol & Alzheimer's Amyloid
Alcohol & Alzheimer's Amyloid

The reality, however much we want to deny it, is that Alcohol may not only really may be worse than Tobacco…because it is so insidious everywhere, and Governments make are making multi more billions in taxes both directly and indirectly…but simply put: it is bottom line carcinogenic!  All this aside from risks to liver and from other metabolic syndrome diseases including exacerbating diabetes. But now University of Illinois in Chicago have demonstrated a significant increase of risk Alzheimer’s from its use. Why? Well it disrupts the clearing process in the brain for amyloid beta protein that is associated in Alzheimer’s disease. Alcohol & Alzheimer’s Amyloid

The problem with build up of sticky plaque…a result of build up of amyloid beta proteins, is that it disrupts neuron to neuron signalling…over time contributes to Alzheimer’s. Granted, the study was limited, in that it focuses on rats and their microglial cells…a brain and spinal cord immunity system that attempts to clear amyloid beta known as phagocytosis! From phago…Greek meaning devour…cyt..cell…osis…process! Apparently the microglial phagocytosis is knocked back by some 15% points after an hour of having ingested alcohol. What could be disastrous is an evening of drinking where alcohol takes until the morning to completely clear. First, the sleep is disrupted…and second, the glymphatic system clearout that is optimized during non rapid eye movement sleep...and this is fully dealt with in our article on Sleep Tips…finds that its effectiveness is knocked back by this significant percentage! The more binge like the drinking the worse the outcome…

There is always “tip toeing around the mulberry bush” as they say in England, about alcohol…how often has one heard that moderation may be good! Personally believe that any amount is a graduated process of negative! obviously binge drinking is the worse. And it really does not take much for that classification! As a Brit standing on the street in the London West End of a summer’s evening, with a group of ‘mates’ (Cockney) and picking up one’s ‘shouts’ (Aussie expression for paying one’s turn!) even if it is ‘weak’ English pints of beer…soon mounts up over evening to a binge. Over there the process is even customary at lunch…and may just continue! The ‘wine crowd’ just up the concentrations in less volume! and up the expense!

Professor Douglas Feinstein the lead author at the University Illinois was somewhat diplomatic by suggesting to Newsweek that those at risk of Alzheimer’s may want to be careful…Well the problem is which is it? The cart or the horse! A continual percentage loss of neural power over years in itself is a contributor! and it may not take much to cause that percentage! He diplomatically on a positive note refers to the large body of literature supporting the concept that low amounts of alcohol may be beneficial and even to the brain! But nevertheless then proposes consideration of a reduction of intake as was his expression..!

Personally the real implications of continual alcohol consumption and association with all kinds of health issues was a lesson slowly learnt. Some ameliorating factors: no question that exercise creates a similar dopamine chemical result…and may also mitigate some of alcohol consumption risk. Alcohol & Alzheimer’s Amyloid

As Dr. Mercola has pointed out: longtime drinkers who have exercised regularly have less damaged white matter in their brains than those who never exercise (see here)  He also points out that prevention is far better than treatment and therefore a focus on diet that powers brain and body with healthy fats, really limited net carbs, and restricted proteins…the ketogenic diet…will help by converting to a fat burning metabolism instead of carbs as a source of fuel! This especially important if one actually possesses the ApoE4 (Alzheimer’s predisposition gene)…in other words adopt lifestyles that genetically override predispositions…remember the Nigerian predisposition! Seems that Naomi Whittel with her intermittent fasting regime and ketogenic diet has really caught on to a lifesaving and contributory longevity formula! The reality, is that one can be easily diplomatic with alcohol when one concentrates on health with a real motivation…in her case it was initiated by an avoidance of eczema and teenage humiliation…and a fortuitous connection to the concept of whole food from her farmer father and chemist mother…just listen to her interview of Mercola below! Alcohol & Alzheimer’s Amyloid