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Recreate Powerful Healthy Gut Bacteria!

Recreate Powerful Healthy Gut Bacteria!
Recreate Powerful Healthy Gut Bacteria!

Recently I had a colonoscopy. Now this is also tantamount to a microbiome “work down” or rabid destruction! Reason? Your surgeon will insist on a clean colon before going in there remotely with the kit and tools. This is to to look for polyps. These polyps if not removed can become a carcinogenic nightmare!

Today the clean out is most easily accomplished in a five day dietary work up culminating in a glycol (yes, glycol!) laxative, that literally, and very expeditiously flushes you out. This all happens during the last 15 to 16 hours prior to surgery.

Now how to replace that damaged microbiome? This website discusses the importance of our microbiome repeatedly.
Usually the destructive impact is from antibiotics. These just kill off our life saving bacteria and we have to somehow resurrect the whole healthy process again! And fast!
Because antibiotics are not used in pre colonoscopy preparation, I believe that despite the glycol flush, legacy bacteria remain in your gut.
All we need to do is provide the right flora for these good bacteria to grow and flourish!

With time and experience I have now a somewhat built in aversion to just taking pills! This ranges from vitamins to too many antioxidants and probiotics. It is amazing what we have within our own capacity! Without a single pre or probiotic I really believe I am  recreating my microbiome and fast!

In the five day lead up to surgery there is I believe a flaw to the dietary guide of just avoiding fiber foods. (it may be appropriate for many of my surgeon’s patients for other reasons!)

It is in this fiber realm that our microbiome thrives with the right flora.
I went to the last 24 hours ‘with’ fiber.

Personally then far more emphasis on water for flushing. This along with the 4 liters of glycol!

BUT care here, as we can ‘drown’ in over hydration!

Also for the operation you need your bladder stabilized!

Personally lucky as the procedure one hour later! Meaning four instead of three hours of no fluids!

It is the re-feeding stage that is important! Instinctively I avoid too much dairy. Maybe some butter for frying (it is stable) maybe a little egg here and there! Some cheese for flavour. The overall emphasis is important to Recreate Powerful Healthy Gut Bacteria! This video below is really a great guide!