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Savvy Slow HIST Weights Awesome Muscle Stimulus!

Savvy Slow HIST Weights Awesome Muscle Stimulus!
Savvy Slow HIST Weights Awesome Muscle Stimulus!

I follow Dr. Joseph Mercola and notice that he is always open to new ideas and health concepts.

One particular area is cardio!
Instead, a walk in the sand, along the Miami strand!
But walking some one-half hours and multitasking, reading! Barefoot for grounding! Some natural sun or Vitamin D at his latitude and including infrared!
Indeed that works! However an extra of some just four minutes of HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training.
This as opposed to HIST or High-Intensity Strength Training.

His HIIT a far cry from his twenty minutes in one session. But he repeats throughout the day. My estimation after waiting for a few hours in order to achieve continuity and avoid a lapse in all-around movement!

Interesting that one really does not need a gym to achieve an HIIT result. This is perhaps a foreboding to gyms that often only encourage low-intensity cardio. What is the point unless perhaps one has done nothing and nothing is a quantum leap to something!

There are few examples of humans seemingly deploying just cardio over long periods. Even the Kalahari Desert chase where our ability to sweat triumphs over fur animals excessive heating and looking for shade. Our species is nevertheless at the extreme limit. This is not a romp in the desert!

But what is happening is perhaps a real restriction on HIIT total timing!
He is also a believer in slow muscular HIST. Suspect that the one time a week of just a few minutes is all that it takes to satisfy the Doug McGuff treatise!
Wow! the great idea that our heart actually benefits from a reverse blood flow from the lungs, without the ‘hiccups’ of too much HIIT. As a person with a family history of cardio issues am in favour of a reduction in ‘all out’ HIIT.
Perhaps just once or twice at most a week is all that is necessary! McGuff is really advocating nothing on the HIIT end! He believes one is energized far more with HIST.

But the key to strength training is that insulin sensitivity is also increased. Perhaps more effectively! Lean muscle is highly sensitive to insulin, and this helps to restore a balanced metabolism.

The involvement of muscle per se means:
that our bodies use more glucose which means there is less to circulate in the bloodstream.
Which has to have an overall benefit!
Savvy Slow HIST Weights Awesome Muscle Stimulus! Provided the intensity is high enough?
Just three minutes of HIIT per week for four weeks improved participants’ insulin sensitivity an average of 24 percent!