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Gene Expression Trumps Alzheimer’s Susceptibility!

Gene Expression Trumps Alzheimer's Susceptibility!
Gene Expression Trumps Alzheimer's Susceptibility!

Some of us may have to Conquer Alzheimer’s Susceptibility Gene (ApoE4)…if inherited from one of our parents…risk factor of becoming a victim of 3 times… but a shocking 9 times…if inherited from both parents. But do not despair…As Dr. Gregor has often indicated, and incidentally his book “How Not To Die” excellent!…we may be able to offset this genetic predisposition by changes in ApoE4 ‘gene expression‘. The highest frequency of ApoE4 in a group of humans and in the world is found in Nigeria… but…amazingly…they have had (Western diet now rapidly eroding that victory) some of the lowest Alzheimer’s rates. The ApoE4 results in high transport and principal cholesterol carrier to the brain, BUT the traditional Nigerian diet SEEMS to have trumped that indigenous and vulnerable gene…because they eat primarily grains and vegetables and little animal fat. Accordingly we may be able to reshuffle our genetic deck with appropriate Gene EXPRESSION. Thus: Gene Expression Trumps Alzheimer’s Susceptibility!

Now contrast this with Dr. David Perlmutter‘s thinking…his books: Grain Brain, and Brain Marker, which, in part, message our brains need cholesterol. After all our brain consists of a large measure of cholesterol..! These approaches seem perhaps in conflict. Are they reconcilable?  Have an admiration for Perlmutter…but there is always a danger of disappearing down one’s own rabbit hole with an embrace of unremitting nature! No question that grains are in traditional sense lectins…that from this Blog’s view: some grains preferable to others…and manner of preparation, such as over four hours or sixteen an important component, and this topic one of it’s own! Suggest white wonder breads are but carbohydrates and with little fiber!…this in turn means sugars…means an easy excess…means risk of latent diabetes

So it’s all complicated! But cutting out most breads may in principle work ‘wonders’ (to coin a phrase) anyway! So we may all reach the objective endpoint! Gene Expression Trumps Alzheimer’s Susceptibility!

Both views therefore may be right, and right for other reasons. Vegetables and fiber are great for the correct balance of good and bad bacteria in our microbiome. The interconnection from that part of our body to our brain is implicit and primordial. Nigerians are reflective of a number of lifestyle facets, that may trigger an overriding gene expression to offset genetic vulnerability. Have in mind not just diet, but fitness, continual movement, natural sunlight and vitamin D, all accompanied by low blood pressure and low heart rate, family and friendship support, different types of prevailing stress or less chronic nature, the ability to sleep out of the noonday sun…(see the importance of Sleep and Why We Sleep with Matthew Walker in the video below!!)…but to get enough of it that absence of traditional Western Stress may help!..absence of toxins and GMOs, absence of antibiotics….the list just goes on! BUT Cholesterol, may be a GOOD indirect marker. Indeed our brains seem to need it. For these reasons statin drugs, see other articles of this Blog… may just perhaps work against us if we are trying to protect our brain! But the good news: In reality Gene Expression Trumps Alzheimer’s Susceptibility!..a reality, because in Nigeria it has been done!..In our Western environment however difficult: lifestyle, diet changes, with key adjustments, may also do the trick, and render help where now appears fatalistic helplessness.