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Movement, BUT Always After Eating!

Movement, BUT Always After Eating!
Movement, BUT Always After Eating!

Problem usual glucose tests usually ‘game over’, by time reality diabetes! More 50% North Americans are pre or diabetic, BUT of that % probably many more diabetics. Result insulin and leptin resistance…our bodies not heeding energy regulating hormone signals. When organ insulin resistant…essentially chronic metabolic disease…liver translates type 2 diabetes, kidney chronic renal disease, and within brain…Alzheimer’s, Dementia, even Parkinson’s issues. Manifestations obesity rampant North America…but just because one is slim not necessary guillotine escape…third slim North Americans also pre or diabetic. Always remember multi pronged attack is multiple effectiveness, continual theme this WEB!… and now Movement BUT Always After Eating! Joan Vernikos PH.D., former director of NASA’s Life Sciences Division, author of “Sitting Kills, Moving Heals”. Extracted personally think key of her YouTube…succinctly sums up her philosophy for life changing wake up call those at work! Or any immobility prolonged during non sleeping hours…includes children watching screens!

Consider Exercise and Continuous Movement two separate factors…but a third now priority…Movement, BUT Always After Eating!

Quick summary: According to Dr. James Levine author of “Get Up! Why Your Chair Is Killing You and What You Can Do About It”…is factor separate from exercise! So bout of running in morning that I have done throughout my life may have been good but if I was ‘sit down for hours’ lawyers deviling away documents…most that good thrown away…WHY? Levine explains it’s the block on insulin mediated systems, include our muscles and cells…mitochondria again!!!…that processes blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol. My words: our bodies’ DNA gravity adjusted…we use our gravity to advantage, and our own body weight actually reactivates us cellular or molecular level. For exercise personally advocate as close to 300 minutes a week…BUT the HIIT portion can be just part of that…say from 20 to 30 minutes…the rest floor work, some weights. But now Movement, BUT Always After Eating!

IMPORTANT am almost blown away…New Zealand study…taking ten minute walk after each meal, provided greater blood sugar control in diabetics, than thirty minutes of exercise just once a day. AND lowers blood sugar levels by 22%…but we have always kind of ‘known’ that… because Movement anyway lowers our glycemic index…encouraged habit! But the New Zealand study really puts into perspective! Is really all part of Continuous Movement!