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Diet Drinks Healthy?

Diet Drinks Healthy?
Diet Drinks Healthy?

Many moons ago, I would visit Roche, in Basel Switzerland, and look up good friend RS. We were at English Prep school together, although he was several years my senior. Then both to different English Public Schools…he…Sherborne, I to Canford a competitor, both buried in glorious Dorset countryside, then he to Oxford….qualified eventually as an English doctor. I was, for short while, in counterpart Cambridge medical school! He married a Swiss girl, became fluent in Swiss German…an almost impossible undertaking! He then went to work for Hoffman-Roche in Basel, where he spent his work life, speaking that Swiss dialect fluently. He was familiar with Aspartame, as was Roche! We discussed Diet Drinks Healthy?

Looking for a solution to consuming sweetened colas, and then…an alternative to Saccharin a sweetener linked to cancer! We discussed Diet Drinks Healthy?

I candidly asked if negatives to Aspartame, which he explained discovered by accident chemist at G,D Searle 1965. His view, I believed his integrity, was that it should be harmless! So one of the downsides to my history, is moderate indulgence in Aspartame diet drinks! Maybe trade off from Saccharin in those distant days acceptable compromise. But today I strongly discourage my daughters from both colas, with their added sugars and fructose or HFCS…High Fructose Corn Syrup, AND diet colas, with ANY artificial sweetener, and particularly Aspartame. Personally, wince, seeing ‘Coca-Cola’, sporting advertising and sponsorship, and their exclusives with some events…Olympics…inference…an implied partnership with fitness and health. The public truly believe in synergy of sweetened colas, and especially ‘diet’ drinks, as acceptable alternative health complements! The ‘diet’ further choice, seems to provide additional credibility sports wise! Putting aside the sweetened colas with prospects of GMOs and toxins…the diet colas with negatives of Methanol…wood alcohol!…Aspartic Acid that breaks down into Formaldehyde, a human neurotoxin, and Phenylalanine…not exactly the best for our brain mood. Quite apart from any false hunger signals especially for our diabetic inclined population!…Insulin Resistance Syndrome.

ASPARTAME…unique downside with humans, as opposed to some other animals…of inability to metabolize that particular human byproduct within our body, the ‘formaldehyde’, into harmless formic acid. Hence risk for brains, of harm! Repercussions for DEMENTIA, and ALZHEIMER’S Disease. Diet Drinks Healthy?