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Canadian Health Care and Brian Day


Canadian Health Care and Brian Day. Known him for decades…when I represented Medical Practitioners attacked by College, Brian an excellent Expert Witness. Personally been private patient for tendon surgery in shoulder…When, trying to get attention of a surgeon under our medical system…like hailing a cab, downtown Paris! Wait on corner for a couple of years, and then no promises!…could not even get the health referral process started!…was in continual and excruciating pain, resulting from snowboard accident. NOW…this predicament no comparison to life threatening medical situations that are legion, and with tragic results, in our Canadian Health System. Also angers me…all this is tied, in with what I believe has, imperceptibly to public, transpired over past several decades with our legal system. Not only personally ‘trial lawyer’ before our courts, probably more than almost any…but also victim of lawsuits, largely from incredibly complex public company, and bureaucratic oversight in this Province and Country…resulting often in implied or assumed legal liability.

In a nutshell, the interlocutory, or prior, actual court trial work, together with document filing, has increased, metaphorically, a thousand fold! Actual and real costs to litigants… astronomic! Listen to Brian…Canadian Health Care and Brian Day.

Litigation is for the moneyed sector…large public companies, with $s..millions or billions, the extraordinarily rich, the ‘Government’…and here I include all Provinces, and the Federal Government, and their Agencies. Any public enterprise, where ultimately the bill is footed and endured by a taxpayer! That includes Multi Civic and even First Nation Rights! Courts never seem to make a ‘finite’, determinate, interlocutory decision… and politely allow delay, and often State just rambling on! Brian Day surely such a victim! ‘Court Costs’ almost non existent as a ‘deterrent’… unlike England & Wales! Punitive damages for unbecoming conduct almost a joke! Brian Day, you have my empathy…You are a fighter…skilled at your profession…you are well spoken, and incisive. You are in your ’70 s’, and a beacon for what keeps the mind bright as a tack, the body fit, and well…hopefully you live a ‘span of life‘ into at least 100, or more, because that is what you may need to outlast for this case…Canadian Health Care and Brian Day!…But…tip…follow the precepts of this WEB, and that may just give an added impetus!