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Conquer Alzheimer’s Susceptibility Gene!


We may have to Conquer Alzheimer’s Susceptibility Gene (ApoE4)…if inherited from one of our parents…risk factor of becoming a victim of 3 times… but a shocking 9 times…. if inherit from both parents.

As Dr. Gregor has indicated, incidentally his book How Not To Die excellent! we may be able to offset this genetic predisposition by changes in ApoE4 gene expression. He points to the fact that the highest frequency of ApoE4 in the world is in Nigeria… but they have some of the lowest Alzheimer’s rates. The ApoE4 is a principal cholesterol carrier to the brain, and the Nigerian diet may have trumped the genes, because they eat primarily grains and vegetables and little animal fat. Accordingly we may be able to reshuffle our genetic deck with appropriate Gene EXPRESSION to Conquer Alzheimer’s Susceptibility Gene!

Now contrast this with Dr. David Perlmutter’s thinking…his books: Grain Brain, and Brain Marker, which, in part, message our brains need cholesterol! These approaches seem perhaps in conflict.

BUT in my world, both views may be right, and right for other reasons. Vegetables and fiber are great for the correct balance of good and bad bacteria in our microbiome. The interconnection from that part of our body to our brain is implicit and primordial. Nigerians are reflective of a number of lifestyle facets, that may trigger an overriding gene expression to offset genetic vulnerability. I have in mind not just diet, but fitness, continual movement, accompanied by low blood pressure and low heart rate, different types of prevailing stress, absence of toxins and GMOs, absence of antibiotics….the list just goes on! Cholesterol, as David Perlmutter points out, may just be effectively an indirect marker. Indeed our brains seem to need it. For these reasons statin drugs, see my other articles, may just be working against us if we are trying to protect our brain. good news: that even with an Alzheimer’s Susceptibility Gene, lifestyle, diet changes, with key adjustments, may do the trick, and render help where now appears fatalistic helplessness. Conquer Alzheimer’s Susceptibility Gene!