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Trend Away from Gyms!

Trend Away from Gyms!
Trend Away from Gyms!

Trend Away from Gyms! Will start with personal gym foibles and prejudices and why!…1) row upon row of expensive aerobic equipment usually occupied by persons moving somewhat even gently…or conversely not vigorously given the usual maximum  time allowed on any piece of equipment! This is really equivalent to aerobic training. Now any exercise is good BUT benefits from aerobics from perspective of this article is the least! For these machines better to either use them to ‘warm up’ just for a short while…before weights or floor mat exercises…or use them a limited amount of time…say twice a week…for HIIT...and that can all be accomplished in twenty minutes a session! This saves one heck of an amount of time! 2) weight lifters pushing and or dropping, with ear piercing metallic noise a whole lot of weight…noticing that this is sometimes repetitious daily…with not even the forty eight hours usually recommended for muscle recovery!…BUT particularly with ‘some’…all the paraphernalia unfortunately of muscle development for the sake of that look!..even steroids, and usually way overboard on protein, (youth require and tolerate extra protein over and above norm, as with seniors!), BUT ITS THE OVER THE TOP…reinforced drinks, huge steaks or equivalent and whatever sells to acquire that ‘manly’ image of overwhelming muscle. For quite a while in terms of years…downside not obvious…but the potential for ultimate metabolic syndrome issues embedded. 3) Gym personal instructors one on one, often compounding issues 1) and 2)!

New Trend Away from Gyms!..that it is actually possible for fitness to largely ignore gyms…given current cutting edge research…example: periodic Nitric Oxide dumps. But if one does utilize gym camaraderie and routine….then when utilizing aerobic equipment, other than for a short warm up…go for the HIIT8 repetitions of 30 seconds max every 1 1/2 minutes with a 2 1/2 minute warm up and about 3 1/2 minutes recovery! Then other favorite…and candidly have never seen this advocated by any instructor in any gym…and have seen many of each!…HIST…Weights…slowly…on Major Muscle groups to exhaustion...that is say some six muscle groups that include legs and slowly moving to an almost maximum tolerable weight so that rapidly the muscle tires and becomes approaching exhaustion…maintaining the push against that fatigue for say up to 30 seconds if possible until muscle complete exhaustion! Moving fairly quickly from one piece of equipment to the other meaning one knows the maximum weights from experience!…and notice one is actually panting and breathing heavily! This is related to flow of blood from lungs to heart as opposed to HIIT…this is HIST!!! and need only be done once a week!..commentary believe our reference to Dr. Doug McGuff is excellent on this subject!

But another ‘know how’ and from Walter Longo of University of Southern Californiaimportant to have at least 30 grams of protein in one’s system to trigger muscle repair and build mechanism really invoking a DNA expression for that benefit! So be wary of early morning HIST and HIIT (strenuous muscle workouts)…unless armed with good protein drink…personally like Dr. Mercola Whey powders. Converse is breakdown of muscle tissue…particularly for older persons…last thing wanted! Dr. Mercola advocate of Nitric Oxide dumps…notice he walks mid-day…taking in the mid-day sun…(but not apropos Noel Coward Mad Dogs and Englishmen!). along Florida beach, soaking up natural vitamin D, barefoot…grounding naturally in the sand. This from a man who also prepared to endure 20 minute HIIT…! In the end it is all about understanding the latest research relating to DNA expression! Whether gym or no gym we all generally with our lifestyle…tend to sit ten or more hours a day…particularly so with emerging generation of teenagers with fixation on screens and social media that exacerbates problemthis generation perhaps even more compromised health wise than ever! Just one workout a day cannot compensate for enormous metabolic damage incurred from non movement. To maintain health one must also have modest intensity but near continuous movement throughout one’s waking hours as opposed to the norm of ten hours or more of inactivity. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) inactivity is the fourth cause of death. Just walking can largely offset this problem…objective if possible minimum of 5000 steps up to 10,000…besides gym! Seems that chronic sitting is the new smoking and interestingly…expectancy of life is substantially improved in smokers themselves from movement…all that socializing in the workplace breezeway outside may have this ironic benefit!

Great discovery…with Trend Away from Gyms!…they are not really that necessary even for HIIT…the optimum nitric oxide dump can be obtained in three to four minutes of workout effecting four major muscle groups and this is so aptly demonstrated in video below. Key…repetition after two hours…to obtain maximum muscle growth benefit and nitric oxide exposure…particularly good for cardiovascular atherosclerosis. Even asthma sufferers benefit from the epinephrine (adrenaline) produced with increased cardio…good natural antidote!..remember optimal sufficient protein nutrients must be present for muscle anabolism.