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Too Much HIIT & HIST?!

Too Much HIIT & HIST?!
Too Much HIIT & HIST?!

Too Much HIIT & HIST?! a fine line…advantage of gym work out is routine. Creatures of habit! However…believe there is limited requirement in any week for serious HIIT and HIST. Explanation: Our hearts and skeletal muscles both need rest intervals for recovery. Hormesis…the actual stress imposed, should be such that it is not excessive! HIIT creates Human Growth Hormone, that, immediately, with ‘knock on’ effect, stimulates our cellular genetic pathways! Work to Dr. Joseph Mercola “shortened HIIT …example just 20 minutes in total. He advocates to a maximum of 8 HIIT sessions of 20 to 30 seconds. About every 1 1/2 minutes…entry warm up of say 2 1/2 minutes, and concluding countdown few minutes! All completed in 20 minutes…really running counter to long accepted, time consuming, and sometimes exhausting cardios.

Mercola himself may even have ‘shortened’ from this 20 minute workout! His daily routine of Nitric Oxide (NO) dumps three/four times day regimen of a really shortened HIIT…may be progressive and wise…really renders redundant gym concept for HIIT..(you probably need gym for HIST…but this may only be once a week and really at maximum twice!) Mercola completes one of daily workouts (HIIT) midst his discipline walking Florida beach barefoot…and that also accomplishes Grounding and Natural Vitamin D. and even reading!..blueprint, enabling those of us traveling to keep fit without that gym!

Concepts: Muscles seriously worked for HIIT …seems minimal protein thereafter as espoused by Valter Longo, and which Mercola himself aware…(protein efficiently absorbed into the body quickly (Organic good quality Whey Powder…30 grams minimum magic #…and Mercola has it!). Too Much HIIT & HIST?!

Also some replacement of the glycogen somewhat depleted during only 20 minutes HIIT (relatively short so there should be no risk of “wall” such as hits long distance marathoners!)…but banana coupled with Whey soon after exercise sounds good!..on assumption prior to exercise nothing has been eaten…it’s different when later in the day after meals!) For HIST…most effective if accomplished by very slow repetitions to muscle exhaustion...for say five muscle groups…this does not take that long! BUT to avoid muscle wastage and to promote their anabolic build up..the protein whey for an optimal 30 grams is needed!..again on assumption early morning workout) Other thoughts: IF one is taking whey protein then remember to calculate and add in on protein count…Easy to exceed say for a 160 lb. person with reasonable BMI 60 to 70 gram ideal total…(some maybe 20% increase for athletes, youth, and elderly…but even then! A large 10 ounce steak will break the bank!) For balance days at gym…for routine…take it more easy!..for recovery…stretch…yoga! Very easy to overdo…take Rhabdomyolysis or rhabdo for short...can be brought on by overexercising…for even fit athletes. Professional snowboarder Amy Purdy was hospitalized in 2016 after a CrossFit class that she participated for the first time. While generally well-conditioned, she had not done pullups for a few months, and those high-intensity, repetitive pullups during class just did her in. Mercola reference article excellent! Really a must read for determined HIIT athletes. Key is to work up to intensity and not overdo it…really listen to one’s body! Too Much HIIT & HIST?!