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Sleep Fights Stress!

Sleep Fights Stress!
Sleep Fights Stress!
Our social, meaning home business and governmental environments, produce kind of stress largely unknown in evolutionary DNA perspective.
The ‘flight or fight’ response mechanisms that most of us understand, are instant reactions implying lightening mobilization of bodily response for survival…that may turn on milliseconds.
Our forebears would either ‘flee’ from likely death, or face the trigger and ‘fight’ for survival.
As a result our hormonal neural, nervous, cellular ‘inter and internal systems’….so intricate and fine tuned, from eons of non DNA survivals, react instantaneously.
But today’s stress is invariably not of that instant consequence or demand. However the triggers usually result in similar internal responses but without appeasement of instant reaction.
That continual financial pressure, overhang legal issue, domestic stress,
invariably muddled with unpredictable and even unknown consequence…
all insidiously dangerous to health and life. Over time utterly debilitating.
I discuss a number on this site, BUT One health antidote module for Chronic Stress is SLEEP
if one fails to achieve the minimum necessary sleep then there is a compounding negative effect.
But if one actually manages one’s sleep optimally strategy pays off big time! Dr. Mercola has long been an advocate of sufficient sleep and even the position!
“Resilience” is the scientific expression encompassing body’s ability factor to return to ‘normal’ physically and emotionally after a stressful event or trauma
Catch 22..: that those obtaining more deep sleep have greater resilience…it seems that their amount of REM buffers and modulates the emotional stress. But those with poor sleep suffer risk of elevation of damage from difficult events.
Overall Key is use of every technique possible to neutralize this daily stress…and there are many…

such as exercise, going to meet problems as much as possible, avoidance of procrastination…

dealing with matters that can in reality be handled as opposed to those that cannot. May be another persons’s skill. Call this trusted delegation!

Laugh daily as much as possible!

Use breathing techniques such as those of Wim Hof! Then deploy every trick for sleep enablement!…objective is eight hours. But less if NREM optimal!

Reading author Elizabeth Anne Scott on Stress Management may help!..included in that advice: the more resilient one is the more one can roll with the punches!  How to increase REM? quick recap:
keep circadian rhythm…do not jet lag without travel!..maintain same rhythm of going to bed and getting up…even on weekends!
avoid sleep aids!…end evening meals early as possible!…get three hours before bed!
Take an anti-glycemic walk after eating! Keep lights down and dimmed and avoid screens as much as possible before bed Even use breathing techniques to counter stress..
and Andrew Weil with his 4 7 8 concept for 60 second sleep! It works!