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Contagious Infections Rules of Thumb!

Contagious Infections Rules of Thumb!
Contagious Infections Rules of Thumb!

It is ‘flu season in the Northern Hemisphere…the nightmare of parents: how to protect and reality behind ‘contagious or non contagious?’ New York Times article by Richard Klasco (March 2nd 2018) is plain guidance! Leads off with classic that heard countless times…a friend muttering, coughing, with hoarse gravelly voice, running nose!: ‘Don’t worry! I’m not contagious!’…rhetorical reaction wonderment whether the comment is valid…so often there is misunderstanding in this area! Probability is virus…those clever and non-bacterial interlopers, that our bodies are continually waging war! Usually consist of nucleic acid molecules in a protein coat, and are extremely small…tough to be seen by light microscopy. They only multiply within the living cells of their host! The word comes from Latin and literally means slime! Contagious Infections Rules of Thumb!

The key in first place is resistance! That is why this Blog discusses Mitochondrial Health so thoroughly! 70% of our immunity is in our Microbiome and those trillions of microbes act as policing gateway of potential infection both bacterial and viral…there a complex system of resistance is really first barrier of defense. Optimizing our health is vital…deficits of any essential health optimal disastrous. For instance if we, in our miserable Northern climes at this time of the year, fail to ensure optimum Vitamin D and K we are in major trouble! Ironically, there is an indication that massive doses of Vitamin D suddenly become somewhat known in medical mainstream, even for alternative treatment of viral ‘flu…seemingly more effective than drug anti-viral treatment like TamiFlu, but check your doctor and not go there! Another really debatable issue are ‘flu shots themselves…seems to be a lottery!

This year there is a serious ‘flu around and possession of ‘flu shot not necessarily a protection. Then further debatable data that cumulative shots each year reduces ones natural immunity incrementally…also the mercury infusion that invariably companions! Contagious Infections Rules of Thumb!

But back to chances of infection!..depends upon how long that coughing person has been sick! A common cold is about three days after onset of symptoms, and with ‘flu its about a week. A fairly reliable guide is the natural course of infection…three phases: incubation (infectious without symptoms), symptomatic/infectious, and recovery (noninfectious with symptoms). Incubation: about a day for flu and may be only hours for common cold….this is a time that infection can be spread! There are not tell tale symptoms…its almost stealth like, and there is little we can do but rely on our natural resistance! To blame: the touching, breathing, respiratory secretions, and close quarters…example: shaking hands etc. The symptomatic stage …common cold about three days from onset of symptoms and flu could be a week! Contagious Infections Rules of Thumb!