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Weight Loss Diet IS Quality NOT Quantity!

Weight Loss Diet IS Quality NOT Quantity!
Weight Loss Diet IS Quality NOT Quantity!

The New York Times thanks to Andrew Sondern recently came out with a very perceptive article pointing out that everyone knows that the standard prescription for weight is usually a mandate from General Practitioners and even Dietitians is concentrating on reducing the calories consumed! This Blog has attempted to discuss the fulcrum of quality of foods rather than quantity and often framed within a certain time periods as the magic key! Weight Loss Diet IS Quality NOT Quantity!

New research was published in JAMA and led by Christopher D. Gardner, the director of nutrition studies at the Stanford Prevention Research Center shows that following Low Healthy Carbs or Low Fats shows little material difference…and those who cut back on the added sugars, refined grains and highly processed foods while concentrating on eating plenty of vegetables and whole foods WITHOUT worrying about counting calories over the course of a year lost significant weight over the year! Their success did not appear to be influenced by their genetics or their insulin-response to carbohydrates, a finding that casts doubt on the increasingly popular idea that different diets should be recommended to people based on their DNA makeup or on their tolerance for carbs or fat. The research as the New York Times article points out, lends strong support to the notion that diet quality, not quantity, is what helps people lose and manage their weight most easily in the long run.

It also suggests that health authorities (like The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) should shift away from telling the public to obsess over calories and instead encourage Americans to avoid processed foods that are made with refined starches and added sugar, like bagels, white bread, refined flour and sugary snacks and beverages, said Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, a cardiologist and dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. He even added: “This is the road map to reducing the obesity epidemic in the United States” Weight Loss Diet IS Quality NOT Quantity!

Soft drinks, fruit juice, muffins, white rice and white bread are technically low in fat, for example, but the low-fat group was told to avoid those things and eat foods like brown rice, barley, steel-cut oats, lentils, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, quinoa, fresh fruit and legumes. The low-carb group was trained to choose nutritious foods like olive oil, salmon, avocados, hard cheeses, vegetables, nut butters, nuts and seeds, and grass-fed and pasture-raised animal foods. “We really stressed to both groups again and again that we wanted them to eat high-quality foods,” Dr. Gardner said. “We told them all that we wanted them to minimize added sugar and refined grains and eat more vegetables and whole foods. We said, ‘Don’t go out and buy a low-fat brownie just because it says low fat. And those low-carb chips — don’t buy them, because they’re still chips and that’s gaming the system.’” ‘Well Done’ my namesake! Weight Loss Diet IS Quality NOT Quantity!