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‘Flu Vaccinate?

'Flu Vaccinate?
'Flu Vaccinate?

Flu season yet again…’Flu Vaccinate? general impression from medical offices, offices, hospitals, pharmacies, schools, you name it…get yourself vaccinated…particularly ‘be responsible for your children’! For years I, almost naively made sure that my children and my family…were vaccinated. Exception my wife who had instinctive aversion, but may have been prophetic! Some years I started to worry then about the mercury in vaccine adjuvant..same time became concerned tooth amalgams, and gradual realization as to how toxic and harmful mercury is…example slow moving fish we then ingest ! Two years ago became alarmed statistic more ‘flu shots the less resistance!..coupled with guess work what kind of ‘flu usually wrong! and cumulative shots negative…it’s a bleak outlook! Even if good match effectiveness at most 60%!

The big BUT…the more vaccines the more likelihood of infection! research 2014 suggests resistance for those over 9 greatest if not received shot previous five years.. and ‘flu vaccine may increase risk of contraction more serious influenza. ‘Flu Vaccinate?

As Dr. Mercola writes: “You can find a listing of adjusted vaccine effectiveness estimates for each influenza season going back to 2005 until 2016 on the CDC’s Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness, 2005-2017 webpage. told U.S. News & World Report, “While it is clear we need better flu vaccines, it’s important that we not lose sight of the important benefits of vaccination with currently available vaccines.” “…and Mercola questions the CDC remarks as follows: “What are exactly those “important benefits” was left unsaid! He personally, could not think of a single one. But could, however, point to a number of well-documented risks of harm and failure associated with influenza vaccine, which people take year after year, while apparently getting virtually no benefit at all.”

The risks do not seem to be properly reported by hospitals…in the video of the daughter talking about her nurse Mum, it is horrifying to think that several patient reactions to vaccinations were in the intensive care of that single hospital…one wonders about the reporting systems…sometimes the time consuming process itself is too intimidating, bureaucratic and wasteful of valuable medical time! ‘Flu Vaccinate?