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Intermittent Fasting Also Anti Aging!

Intermittent Fasting Also Anti Aging!
Intermittent Fasting Also Anti Aging!

To further develop article on HGH (Human Growth Hormone) generated from HIIT…That article several merits. Saves athletes wasting time! It was recognition of our varying twitch muscles, and naivety of many who delude themselves with endless aerobic or only slow twitch muscle performance. Now anyone turning up to gym anyway ten steps ahead of those that don’t…but what a time saving over lifetime if we optimize exercise, and preserve fast twitch muscles…also achieving HGH in optimal manner. Helps athletes and those looking for health! Also achieves brain health and that is yet another arrow against Dementia. But for many seniors HIIT exercise may not be appropriate…for capacity reasons! Now a passive alternative yet achieving HGH!  Intermittent Fasting Also Anti Aging!

Also frankly this periodic discipline besides HIIT exercise is an incredible way through the diet maze particularly if used several times a year. It disciplines to weight loss because of magic of incidental Ketosis that kills the hunger hormone!…but that for another article!

For seniors quest for good brain health…consequence of HGH…Fasting has shown remarkable benefits for longevity in animals…mechanisms include normalizing insulin sensitivity because then MTOR pathway activated, which together with IGF-1 integral to repair and regeneration of our tissues and counters aging. Intermittent Fasting Also Anti Aging!

This besides the parallel results of fasting anyway! (see my other comments on partial fasting that really is no big deal…but remember don’t stay in a static state…the body loves variation…break it up once or twice a week…(maybe 12 hours is optimum outside intermittent fasting periods effected maybe only 2 to 4 times a year)…Mercola says increase the proteins and net carbs, or vary time…then revert back!)…that helps fight, not only diabetes but heart issues and even cancer…normalizes ghrelin levels (hunger hormone!)..promotes HGH…lowers triglycerides…all reducing incipient inflammation…result: less free radical damage which ages and destroys us!..BUT DO NOT consume (athletes may be an exception to build muscles!) anything!…carbs!…and particularly fructose two hours before and after HIIT…negates HGH which is objective…if anything some Protein Whey powder to avoid muscle depletion. Intermittent Fasting Also Anti Aging!