Home Health & Fitness ‘DNA thinking’ Lycopene beats Prostrate Cancer!

‘DNA thinking’ Lycopene beats Prostrate Cancer!

'DNA thinking' Lycopene beats Prostrate Cancer!
'DNA thinking' Lycopene beats Prostrate Cancer!

Health combination factors and application often based on DNA inherited characteristics and expression.. an adaption to our environment. Question is ‘what’ and ‘amount’ for optimal impacts. Invariably mirrors our human origin, and way before that! No issue that we are largely plant based in foods…as humans evolved, readily available fruit became important. Research relating to phytochemicals and Prostrate Cancer example of just achieving right balance. It is a fine line for our cellular health…literally the difference between life and death, and perhaps underlining a dramatic example of how health miracles do happen, and why! Example: 62year man, terminal, advanced Prostrate Cancer, in hospice…takes Lycopene naturally…tomato sauce….just 1/4 cup day…PSAs with time drop from 138 to 8!…no mega supplements… right decision…survived as asymptomatic!! So message: prevention of Prostate cancer…ingest Lycopene as our forebears did! ‘DNA thinking’ Lycopene beats Prostrate Cancer!

Video Dr. Michael Greger…a brilliant researcher, underscores what I have many times repeated. The cellular health, of our mitochondria is ‘fine’ adjustment. ‘DNA thinking’ Lycopene beats Prostrate Cancer!

Our non ‘DNA Heritage’ way of life…examples: inside buildings, not exposed to natural sunlight..liquid Vitamin D (again not to be overdone at all!); continual sitting…resulting lack ‘continual movement’; hopeless food ..with disastrous routes to diabetes and metabolic snydrome diseases, including cancer!; Non organics…opposites! CFAOs, both land and sea!; GE and GMOs , with accompanying toxins; pernicious insecticides, metals, including mercury;…pervasive plastics; non optimal exercises..resulting no HIIT, and no benefits HGH!; Catastrophic ratios Omega 3 to 6; catastrophic fats…failure to understand good fats!.. All has skewered fine balance.

Ron Rosedale has the origins well stated…Otto Warburg, years ago understood mitochondrial connection to cancer…seemed to opt for the onslaught of toxins as a prime cause…all makes emminent sense!.. key it’s prevention to avoid toxin and inflammatory stress seems best option…but a temperate approach as ‘DNA thinking’ Lycopene beats Prostrate Cancer!