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What Is Paleolithic Diet?


This has always puzzled me… why is it that heart disease is the number one cause of death in North America? Well, a clue perhaps can be gleaned from the Africa and China of yesterday! Before our Western Culture introduced commercial retail and processed food to these countries, the populations were relatively healthy, despite poverty! Our North American diet and shocking food consumption courtesy the processed food industry…is now more available than ever to the world! Non paleolithic…is extraordinary emphasis on sugars, and since the Nixon era High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)..addictive! AND meats…too much protein! In the early 20th. Century missionary hospitals in Africa found an absence of coronary heart disease, and most metabolic syndrome diseases: diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, even cancer. These populations, primarily a plant based diet. This is probably reflective of our diet to a common ancestor, of the ape, some 20 million years ago! What Is Paleolithic Diet?

In Paleolithic terms, the last 2 million years is a drop in the ocean…just look at reality shows to recognize ‘survival’ difficult, not easy hunting animals and fish…we sourced plants and fruit! hence What Is Paleolithic Diet?

This may be DNA reasoning as to why our bodies need to manufacture cholesterol. A plant based diet high in fiber literally sucks the cholesterol from the body, thus this ability as a survival trait. The real objective is passing on one’s genes, and doing so early on was the way to go. Old age rare! Consequently no survival gene for longevity, it’s a self contradiction! Same argument to survival genes against chronic disease…it’s never come that far!

Some of my articles talk key to longevity is tricking the body…thinking it still has to survive, to pass genes to next generation. With activity mimicing that concept, genetic expression a benefit. Means deploying concepts….calorie restriction, peak fasting, ‘fight or flight’ exercise….HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, and survival struggle…HIST, High Intensity Strength Training. Excess weight excess baggage…multiplied by four or more on marathon impact! A reasoning for What is Paleolithic Diet?