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Does Heart Pump?

Does Heart Pump
Does Heart Pump

Book by Dr. Thomas Cowan ‘Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease’, raises fundamental challenge to traditional thinking… Does Heart Pump?

Now in our North American ‘society’, suffering all time epidemic of heart disease…surgeons /cardiologists apply disciplines that ‘may’ misconceived. This Web has commented on statin drugs, and issues relating to their effect on cholesterol. Indirectly ‘domino’ for heart disease… but aside to stents, bypasses, lowering cholesterol, low fat, what fat?…and diets fine tuned..all of which consequential…BUT missing a fundamental circulation understanding?!! My family doctor, good friend, rigorously subjected himself to statin therapy in an effort to control ‘plaque’…continuing an active lifestyle…but nevertheless ‘succumbed’ to the necessity of a bypass operation. All with excellent cardiologist advice! This, incidentally, personal challenge, acutely aware of family risk, but still confident lifestyle, absence drugs, can override with successful DNA ‘expression’.

Pump theory: DOES one pound, somewhat thin walled organ….HEART….supposedly pump blood 3X…through network of our blood vessels…equivalent around circumference of Earth, every day, for say 80 years @ 60 / 70 times a minute? Does Heart Pump?

All this ‘supposedly’ by squeezing with pressure..conundrum? Cowan says…FLOW diagram shows blood moving fastest ‘before and after’ the heart…then blood dissipates to capillaries, WHERE it virtually stops!…necessary for exchange nutrients/ gases…THEN gets going again!..all on the theory of PUMP / PUSH! Assistance from Gerald Pollack, author of ‘The Fourth Phase of Water’. He explains how blood can flow if NOT pumped! It’s interaction water and hydrophilic surface…all needed is a hydrophilic tube… capillary…which forms a gel layer, charged, and bulk water flowing also charged…the opposite charges cause up-hill flow. Analogy for botanists!… capillaries of plants and trees…and for tall trees! Heart attacks/ strokes, perhaps a non balance of parasympathetic and sympathetic systems with uncontrolled lactic acid build up in heart that uniquely cannot rest to dissipate the lactic. Solutions: metabolic syndrome fight…including appropriate diet, managed stress, necessary sunlight, exercise…careful here depending on body state and conditioning!…movement. It is almost paleolithic to replicate innate correct mitochondrial functioning. Does Heart Pump?