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Broken Heart Killer


We will always remember the double calamity of Carrie Fisher, only 60, succumbing to a heart attack on December 27th, 2016. Causation probably lifelong, factors: including Metabolic Syndrome issues. Overweight, alcohol and smoking, tough neurologicals, including self admitted mental illness. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds…I remember well for her early movies….died the following day from a stroke. Broken heart in traditional parlance. Medically..Stress Cardiomyopathy…Our Heart and Mind, and for that matter our Gut microbiome..second Brain!..are closely connected. Mental stress, Neurological issues, devastating for longevity, and Acute Stress causing direct heart attack..in the case of Debbie Reynolds, a Hemorrhagic Stroke.This usually results from excessive blood pressure. Broken Heart Killer.

Expressions such as Widowhood and Bereavement Effects, thrown around. In the end it is the Loss of a Significant Other. Close to you…whether spouse, parent, child…it does not matter in my opinion. This trumps the negative stress metabolism we have inherited for survival in our DNA over 20 million years! I saw this with my parents. Endorses a study 2014: loss of a spouse can double risk of fatality within the month. Stress hormones rule the day…our paleolithic heritage has endowed us with these hormones, they are literally killers…

Our modern society neuters our ability to handle these cortisol, adrenal type hormones, over long periods… Broken Heart Killer.

These can be counteracted by lifestyle choices and techniques I personally deploy…I know I am exposed to excessive stress from the entrepreneurial world…briefly: Be active and throughout the day…Breathe and exhale deeply several times a day, for say 5 minutes..the Buteyko Method devised by that namesake Russian physician …similar to yoga and other techniques. Use one!..Try to accomplish, whilst exposed to natural sunlight for Vitamin D and Near and InfraReds, and that magic Nitric Oxide. Get rid of processed foods: sugar and fructose, salt, trans fats and omega 6 oils..we need more 3 not 6! Kick the high carbohydrates to avoid insulin and leptin resistance. Help the gut flora with probiotics, and good yogurts and fermented vegetables…emphasize vegetables!…cut back on too much protein including meats! Broken Heart Killer.