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Statin Struggle? More Health Problems Unleashed!

Statin Struggle? More Health Problems Unleashed!
Statin Struggle? More Health Problems Unleashed!

The more I read about statin struggle we face, the happier I am of my cessation off them years ago, and after being a user for many years! Almost as soon as they came in!

Motivation originally came from my GP. and personal friend.
He, a colleague from Cambridge, and athlete, with statins reducing his LDL Cholesterol below one.
In our original discussions, he was clearly embracing statins as a miracle drug.
Because of my family cardiac risk, I then also becoming an ardent co-enthusiast!
Unfortunately, my family doctor then, within a few years of prescribing statins suffering serious bypass surgery. Despite this miracle drug!

He also with high CAC score. Good Question whether statins affect patients with high CAC scores adversely?! Also generally are they positive for the heart?

Remember the heart is a muscle! Here is a quick review of a Mercola analysis:
A study of 22 statin treatment professional athletes, 77% terminating because of muscular symptoms.
These disappearing a few days or weeks after drug withdrawal.
What is the explanation of adverse muscle effect? Probably that statin treatment not only blocks the production of cholesterol but also blocks the production of other important molecules.
Examples: coenzyme Q-10 which is indispensable for energy production.
Extensive use of Statins may now explain epidemics of heart failure being observed in many countries!

Personally convinced that Insulin Resistance is a major underlying factor of Heart Issues.  Also particularly relevant to high CAC scoring subjects.

But the treatment of Statins may just exacerbate a Heart Issue!

Also, Mercola points out: Research now showing statin use is associated with a number of significant health complications beside muscle problems:
Importantly, statins:
1. Deplete your body of CoQ10 — Statins block HMG coenzyme A reductase in your liver, which is how they reduce cholesterol. This is also the same enzyme that makes CoQ10, which is an essential mitochondrial nutrient that facilitates ATP production.
2. Inhibit the synthesis of vitamin K2, a vitamin that protects your arteries from calcification.
Statins increase the risk for other serious diseases.
  1. Cancer — Research has shown that long-term statin use (10 years or longer) more than doubles women’s risk of two major types of breast cancer: invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma.
  2. Diabetes — Statins have been shown to increase your risk of diabetes via a number of different mechanisms, two of which include increasing your insulin resistance, and raising your blood sugar.  According to one recent study, statins double your risk of Type 2 diabetes and triples the risk when taken for more than two years. And remember Diabetes is key to destructive Heart scene!
  3. Cognitive dysfunction, neurological damage and neurodegenerative diseases, including vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
  4. Decreased heart function.Heart Again!
  5. Impaired fertility — Importantly, statins are a Category X medication, meaning they cause serious birth defects, so they should never be used by a pregnant woman or women planning a pregnancy.

But Statin Struggle? More Health Problems Unleashed!