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Plaque Cause…LDL Really ‘Bad’?

Plaque Cause...LDL Really 'Bad'?
Plaque Cause...LDL Really 'Bad'?

Subject Plaque Cause…LDL Really ‘Bad’? favorite debate of mine, and relevance to: artery and brain health. David Diamond YouTube most closely reflects my sentiments…it’s complicated…but following a stab at simplicity! ‘Cholesterol‘ had a checkered ride…so called bad cholesterol, now questioned as to whether so bad…analogy: Statins potentially working ‘Heart Health Havoc’…(CoEnzymeQ10 now often an accompaniment!..) cholesterol readings long been used as indicators…LDL bad cholesterol, and therefore should be ‘low’ and HDL good cholesterol and should be ‘high’! More sophistication looks at ratios! Attention that LDLs despite revealing some causative relationship statistically…but whether in fact actually causative, or merely indicative of a relationship ‘short’ of that! Many now opine that all cholesterol is good and that our body needs it….particularly the brain…but with LDL key is the particle size…large and fluffy or small and fractionated! One reason Statins cause such havoc, liver effectively ‘panics’ and breaks down large LDL particles to fractionated pieces to achieve compensatory numbers!…maybe better marker would be to sub categorize and review particle size!

Today further link established not only diabetes but also pre-diabetes to impaired cognitive function! Here again negative of sugars! Plaque Cause…LDL Really ‘Bad’?

Once cognitive functions lost in Alzheimer’s patients then reversal tough…personal belief that multi-approach reverse possible! BUT easier strategy ‘prevention rather than cure’…may produce better upside. Two contributing causation factors: 1) amyloid cascade model..amyloid plaque buidup…and 2) vascular model…lack of adequate blood flow caused primarily by atherosclerosis! Two seem not mutually exclusive and atherosclerotic artery plaques may contribute to plaques in brain. Debate whether high fat diet may influx cholesterol into central nervous system and damage blood brain barrier itself, allowing more cholesterol…look Nina Neicholz book Big Fat Surprise.

Key: ensure plaque does not block arteries…thus Vitamin D and K2 together, and high Omega 3s meat & fish..Krill, Anchovies and fast moving Wild Alaska Salmon and even BC Sockeye!..Tuna, snapper and halibut sampled in Puget Sound top list for most mercury and PCBs!…and contribution of other nutrients and antioxidants timed ‘wise’ strategically & in Hormetic mode!. It may not be just Cholesterol per se...really it’s debate on saturated fat reduction! Plaque Cause…LDL Really ‘Bad’?