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Health Cholesterol Indicators Really Valid?

Health Cholesterol Indicators Really Valid?
Health Cholesterol Indicators Really Valid?

Health Cholesterol Indicators Really Valid? Shocking statistic: EU ‘average’ female unable to walk ten steps last ten years of life. Men…situation worse…in US epidemic! My Belief, straddling range disciplines, that with a coordinated multi frontal attackcoupled with NOT allowing any overwhelming health negative…such as Vitamin D deficiency (used to be vitamin C!)… to swamp out and actually negate positives…that metabolic syndrome serious health issues CAN be arrested, and even reversed.

This article zeroes in on one indicator issue. It’s the almost universal and serious diet objective, endorsed by serious players…to struggle and achieve a LOW LDL (bad cholesterol) thus avoiding heart disease (CHD) with theory that atherosclerosis negated. As a general guide more vegetarian and vegan the subject the more likely this achievement. BUT its not that simple…it’s a good start! but LDL series of sub classifications! In a general sense we need cholesterol! BUT so long as our LDL contains predominately fluffy light particles that may be an extraordinary plus!

I am for reference purposes setting out the full interview Dr. Rhonda Patrick of Dr. Ronald Krauss below…but trust me it’s complicated when we ask the question, are Health Cholesterol Indicators Really Valid?

This is where bottom lining may help! So long as one is in the Health achievement category…in other words actually working with diet and ancillary health positives…THEN optimization in this narrow sector such as positives of: eating saturated fats, avoiding polyunsaturated fats, cutting back on carbs & sugars, watching proteins (amount, and SOME emphasis cheeses, meats, fish.But organic!) Then remarkable results…but you have to be in the health chute in the first place! Key: avoidance of Atherogenic Dyslipidemia where LDL small and dense, coupled with Low HDL, and High Triglycerides…but reverse great! Large and fluffy LDL, High HDL (when that type of chloresterol becomes symbiotically effective! and Low Triglicerides! Remember it’s our Liver that’s the workoholic here! and LDL gives graduated clues! Generally a simplistic approach and Dr. Michael Gregor author of How Not To Die is expert…but sub optimal finesse: avoidance of Atherogenic Dyslipidemia excellent & may leapfrog to real effective longevity. But we still need maintenance of no overriding Deficits! Health Cholesterol Indicators Really Valid?