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Citrus Peel Excellent

Citrus Peel Excellent!
Citrus Peel Excellent!

Longevity, I am convinced, revolves around our mitochondria. Our paleolithic heritage is all about sufficient survival to pass on our genes to the next generation. Consequently, to be blunt, what happens to the host (us!) after that is inconsequential! We in a Darwinian sense have done our job! However, our bodies up to that theoretical point, are finely tuned to survive, and have all sorts of built in DNA agendas for that express purpose. For those of us wishing to not only survive longer, but well, the trick, is to ‘trick’ our bodies into that belief. See Anti-Aging Formula with Vitamin C  In that article Vitamin C is just one of many supports formulas for anti-aging. But also Citrus Peel Excellent.

Citrus Peel Excellent!

We must encourage our bodies to continue emphasizing Apoptosis and Mitochondrial repair. It is all accomplished on the basis that we are YET to pass on our genes according to our paleo design.! I am using effective techniques of Calorie Restriction (CR) and appropriate proportional diet, and exercise, to continue this cellular repair function. This is effectively a trick on our aging bodies, thus implementing that inherent, and luckily always potentially functional repair mechanism at our mitochondrial level. Believe me this has magical results; but as a plus, I have recently determined that of all things a surprise bonus…

In a petri dish it has been established that exposure of cells to a mutagenic chemical can cause physical breaks in the DNA strands, but that in less than an hour our DNA repair mechanisms solve that damage…but the addition of citrus phytonutrients doubles that speed! This concept translates to people and even reduced cancer rates….citrus alone provides a 10% reduction in female breast cancer. Orange juice (and I am strongly against pure juice simply for the sugar content) was generally found to be ineffective, or negative…BUT citrus peel WAS effective! Another approach: purchase good lemon and orange peel powders, and supplements, and get into the habit of a daily automatic intake either in one’s smoothie or with other daily supplements.

My advice, eat the skins of oranges and lemons, BUT only when first these skins are thoroughly washed. They are great carriers of pesticides and toxins. However they seem uniquely to be DNA protective agents. So in practice how to achieve and maximise our odds. The whole process of encouraging our mitochondrial repair is quite precise and involves good proportional diet. I believe in maximizing good fats such as coconut, olive oils, avocado oils, and real butter (from organic sources if you can). The proportion should be way up there for the Fats! Think 60%! Then Protein Count. It is key to the correct Ketosis! See How to Protein Count  and Protein Counting Important  Cut right back on sugars and an equal balance of Carbs to Proteins for the remaining 40% is okay. Favour Carbs over an excess of Proteins! But remember Citrus Peel Excellent.