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Lucrative Lifetime Longevity Extension Financially Rewarding!

Lucrative Lifetime Longevity Extension Financially Rewarding!
Lucrative Lifetime Longevity Extension Financially Rewarding!

The other day when an extremely successful real estate development colleague of mine happened to remark that real estate takes a long time to mature financially, and may be now starting to be out of reach of seniors like him and myself, I nodded assuming that this like so many is a financial path reserved for youth!

But Hold On! Perhaps I should put my mouth, not only where my health is, but also reap the benefits of a ‘lucrative lifetime longevity extension’!

Just reflect a moment:
The ultimate win for us humans is longevity!
If we can seriously achieve this, then we may well also live long enough to weather the ups and downs of real estate valuations!
Mortgages are usually calculated in a range of twenty year payouts!

So long as our longevity increase is more than merely a success story against Metabolic Syndrome Disease. (I prefer the term ‘Insulin Resistant Disease’)

These diseases I believe are primarily driven by the massive percentage of pre and post Type II Diabetes (T2).

We can have a ‘win win’:
The current percentage is of ‘some approaching’ two thirds of our North American population, with pre and post T2!
Add to that a now vernacular ‘diabetes three’ for disastrous Cognitive Decline.
As a further addition, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and even Parkinson’s now seems to fit a similar bill.

Whilst discussing this perhaps we should be measuring our insulin production rather than standard blood sugar tests. By the time the alarm rings on this, it is way too late! Is the problem the cost of the tests?

But with a longevity hike that is beyond a few paltry years.
Offsetting metabolic diseases all of them come to a somewhat surprisingly stingy approximately 12 years!
What if we adopted a Stem Cell Fasting therapy that actually gave that quantum leap of some extra fifteen to twenty years!

Think about it. Those years would likely be healthy, that is the payoff. But caution natural accidents! That real estate, not only can you enjoy, but reap the benefit of devaluation! This culture of inflation by governments is really a massive ‘rip off’ that especially hurts those on fixed pensions and interest returns! Seniors!

This really hurts the ‘forced to retire seniors’, who see everything increasing in price without the ability to keep pace. But don’t get me going. The reality is that seniors need to band and have a common voice, then perhaps politicians will listen! But my fundamental message make those extra years healthy, keep running!