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Unpopular Carbs, Mouth Watering Proteins… Fats Threaten?

Unpopular Carbs, Mouth Watering Proteins...Fats Threaten?
Unpopular Carbs, Mouth Watering Proteins...Fats Threaten?

I like Dr. John McDougall because he looks the part. He has no adipose fat for starters! How often do those that lecture not LOOK the part! Smoking Doctors, Obese Researchers discussing Metabolic Syndrome, and Fatty Liver disease! What are they eating themselves? Unpopular Carbs, Mouth Watering Proteins… Fats Threaten?

But often positive-sounding YouTubes, and this one just happens to be elsewhere on this site!..are instructive both from espousing positives AND potential errors! This I intend to now point out:

The trouble with nutrition is it’s immensely complicated! Involves an ever-developing and challenging sciences. Consists of many disciplines!

Also a real backdrop pressure as favourable outcomes dramatically more important the more we age! And age may need a fundamental new understanding for real longevity!

My basic premise :
the world increasingly and alarmingly vulnerable to Metabolic Syndrome Diseases.
Ultimately as we peel the layers off, causation is at the door of Insulin Resistance Disease!
Plain words diabetes developing or complete, and usually too late in recognition over a span of years!
Tragically with the impact of multiple criteria, we have young children quickly vulnerable and often obese.

The one arena so easily overlooked when listening to Dr. John McDougall.

His theme is Starch:
Unless amelioration from Reconstited Starches and that concept limited and only goes so far!
Does not readily resolve Insulin Resistance.
But his many other modalities are so right. Getting many modality numbers right is redeeming!
Often brings dramatic positive results. But let us not be blind to the real culprit messing up most of us with our metabolism anyway! INSULIN…Sugars and High Fructose Corn Syrup!
McDougall finishes Youtube discussing Supplements. He has this so right! I agree we should usually avoid supplements. This so long as we achieve sufficient positives in our food intake and lifestyle!
But some exception areas where a deficit modality exists:
I live in Northern location. Vancouver, British Columbia, relatively close to Seattle. The days are still relatively long, but rapidly shortening.
Even now I am convinced it is difficult to obtain sufficient natural sunlight Vitamin D. Simply because of the retreating angle of the sun.
The solution? Take supplements!
In my case two-fold. To combat skin melanoma risk necessity for Vitamin D. Also because of my high CAC score, to fight by neutralizing or even reversing Calcification.
This bluntly means Vitamin D3 and K2. The last, K2, recent vitamin discovery! an effective catalyst.
I disagree with cancer clinic here, that 1,000 mg, of Vitamin D, a day, is sufficient! That is pitiful! Plus I use of Ubiquinol with active CoQ10, another accelerator and catalyst.

Now Dr. McDougall Starches! although vegetable-based and healthy in that context.

The real fight against Obesity:
is defeating Insulin Resistance.
This often built up over many years.
I believe Starches as a policy a negative for fundamental health that ‘swings on the gallows’ of Insulin Resistance!

But in contrast a Dr. McDougall positive.

his message that Carbohydrates in increased moderate intake, (I am not talking overdosing on the white stuff!) compared to ingesting too much Protein is perhaps the better of two ‘devils’:
We do not need extreme Atkins diet, and he had an unfortunate demise.
I side with erring for more carbs.
BUT the third missing link to the equation is balance everything with substantially more good fats!

That’s the answer! Unpopular Carbs, Mouth-Watering Proteins…Fats Threaten? This YouTube of Ivor Cummins is complicated following but he understands Insulin Resistance!