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Seasonal Weight Gain is Factual

Seasonal Weight Gain is Factual

With Paleolithic reflection seasonal weight gain is understandable. Unless one was in parts of Africa our origin…seasons both North and South change…in addition Ice Ages come and go…accordingly animals adapted to take advantage of plant cycles. Some would gorge for weight gain prior to hibernation when extreme adaptive metabolism might take place…humans did not hibernate…but weight gain and fat gain had survival advantages. Thanksgiving is the season post harvest that we gain the most statistically, now confirmed by Cornell University! The climb is rapid and peaks New Year! Problem is that we have exacerbated our heritage gain dramatically with feast after feast! Seasonal Weight Gain is Factual!

The next ten weeks takes about 5 months to shed! The issue is that there is no reciprocity in early human terms to office party after office party…family celebrations….religious celebrations….commercial pressure and advertising….the massive amount of festive food at any excuse…the quantity of meat consumed…alcohol, all lead to Seasonal Weight Gain!

The Study included the United States, Germany and Japan…so called advanced societies. Japan probably the most recent victim to Westernized ways, that prior had a reputation for longevity and health, and now appears to have been wrecked! Our forebears by not hibernating, had a really restrictive fruit season for example…there were no refrigerators…each day was a day to move and survive. If one did not, the body kicked into survival mode by shutting down calorie consumption, reason…. to hang on as long as possible. All these parallels we unfortunately repeat, by our failure to eat in right proportions, with an emphasis on vegetables for our microbiome, plus a far greater percentage of good fats and reduced protein and carbohydrates. Our seasonal gorging just massively transgresses into the North American weight/obesity epidemic we now find ourselves in, with the added negative of accompanying metabolic syndrome issues….such as diabetes, heart disease and….yes, cancer. Seasonal Weight Gain Factual.

Solution is to keep the script simple, and paleo, so that our DNA epigenetic expression helps rather than hinders with our health! Realize that we are victims of processed foods, and global corporate brainwashing! Exercise, HIIT, movement throughout the day, about 70% fats, reduced protein….and protein count! To help…. wear a Fitbit and achieve 15,00 paces a day, this in addition to one’s workout…buy a bike….commute to work!…get out into the sunlight, but not overexposure! In this season take Vitamin D supplements! Seasonal Weight Gain is Factual.