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Calorie Restriction Mimetics or CRM. & Fasting!

Calorie Restriction Mimetics or CRM. & Fasting!
Calorie Restriction Mimetics or CRM. & Fasting!

Calorie Restriction Mimetics or CRM. & Fasting! What really intrigues me:¬†Fasting Mimetics…this is the provision of hydroxycitric non fasting elements to provide contributory Autophagy. This discussion to be found at 59.20 in the interview of Rhonda Patrick with Guido Koermer of the University of Paris Descartes…really good nutrient contributors specifically:…smelly foods, in fact Spermadines…they are called this because somewhat reminiscent of the smell of sperm…and a serious fruit example is Durian… that stinks the Malaysian markets at certain times of the year!..but also Natto…Soybeans, Peas…Fermented foods…Stinky Cheeses! (personally was avoiding blue and Stilton type cheeses…this an aversion of Dr. Mercola!) There you go…Plus use of Resveratrol…thus somewhat of a Guido excuse for glass of red wine! (To achieve enough Resveratrol from wine requires a tank of wine!)

Add to this all kinds of therapies considered on this Web, including Heat Shock and Cold Shock therapy! BUT ultimately in my opinion one must add the real thing! That is to undergo the real FAST! Now for those like me, somewhat adverse to having to go through the procedure for close medical supervised water fasts…and prone to find a compromise…an excellent substitute for FMD (Fasting Mimicking Diet of Valter Longo concept) that I believe, and have conceptually created in a mindful way…No warranties!… that is just one avocado a day including the ground up stone! with perhaps just a really small equivalent calorie portion to the one avocado…a cruciferous vegetable to act as an absorbent of toxins caused from the breakdown of fat where they are more readily stored! You have a choice here…some cauliflower…say one smallish stem and flowers…one smallish piece of broccoli and one radish! The idea is to get below the 800 calorie figure per day…even improve on the Valter Longo FMD calories!

For CRM…there seems to be an arena that is short of full fasting! It is almost like a nutrient kick started substitution fast! But it is not a fast. How to optimize all this? Well one bottom line is that a number of modules…and this includes exercise and CRM may indeed be helpful at the mitochondrial level…but is it really helpful at the Longevity level?¬†Calorie Restriction Mimetics or CRM. & Fasting!

There is that worrying conflict that the two seem contra-distinctive! In other words one works against the other. Let us avoid all the biochemical words and expressions…in the long run there seems to be only one really effective method for longevity over and above intermittent health! It is one thing to knock out all the metabolic syndrome illnesses..but at Valter Longo so graphically states…and he has spent decades looking at the numbers!..if we do away with diabetes, heart disease and cancers and all the rest of that metabolic syndrome puzzle..we may gain about 13 years on our lifespan. This is really not much given that huge effort! Just ridding ourselves of cancers only contribute to an extra measly 3.1 years or so on average! No wonder some people consider chemotherapy to be the palliative nonsensical care for those suffering from that terrible disease!

So what is the way forward to an extra period of years that makes it all worth while…it is the fast!! It is ground zero stem cells if necessary. But from a foresight approach for the reasonably fit person…a fast and done at least twice a year…preferably initiated somehow by FMD or outright fasts several times in succession and then reduced to say a couple of times a year! That is it…simple eh!¬†Calorie Restriction Mimetics or CRM. & Fasting!