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Dr. Valter Longo Revisited!

Dr. Valter Longo Revisited!
Dr. Valter Longo Revisited!

Dr. Valter Longo Revisited! The one person who has a tremendous insight into Dr. Valter Longo and his experiments relating to Longevity, and the benefits of a combination of Fasting and traditional drug therapy for cancer patients is Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Given her gradual realization of the tremendous impact that fasting has on our Stem Cells and Apoptosis, her questions are really astute. This is a follow up interview for Dr. Longo. But in the interval Dr. Rhonda Patrick has become savvy and realizes that there are all kinds of triggers that may promote Apoptosis…and she also realizes that individuals vary in their reactions to Fasting.

Essentially Dr. Valter Longo must take a cautionary approach. He is after all, living and working in Litigation California and the must steer very careful line with Regulation particularly with the FDA …summary California and the States generally a legal and regulatory minefield! But I am mindful of Dr. Guido Koermer of the University of Paris and whom Dr. Patrick has also interviewed…there seems to be some high degree of flexibility relating to Fasting.

Bottom line: Essentially Intermittent Fasting fails to trigger sufficient Ketosis or simulation of a true fast that takes place over several days, nor, as a consequence, allows the resetting of the Biological Stem Cell clock! – Dr. Valter Longo Revisited!

It is in this arena that a fantastic benefit accrues and especially to those with failing stem cells. By this expression I am talking seniors…especially anyone in the 60 plus category. Those in the 70 year decade and onward are particularly vulnerable to sluggish Apoptosis and laggard Stem Cells. The one sure fire way of stimulating them…the proximity of ground zero stem cells…these are from umbilical and amniotic sources…or in a way even better…the wake up call that stimulates from fasting. Optimal time…my read is minimum 3 days but preferably 5 days! Dr. Valter Longo Revisited!

But what also really intrigues me is Fasting Mimetics…this is the provision of hydroxycitric non fasting elements to provide a contributory Autophagy. This discussion to be found at 59.20 in the interview of Rhonda Patrick with Guido Koermer of the University of Paris Descartes…really good nutrient contributors specifically:…smelly foods, in fact Spermadines…they are called this because somewhat reminiscent of the smell of sperm…and a serious fruit example is Durian… that stinks the Malaysian markets at certain times of the year!..but also Natto…Soybeans, Peas…Fermented foods…Stinky Cheeses! (personally was avoiding blue and Stilton type cheeses…this an aversion of Dr. Mercola!) There you go…Plus use of Resveratrol…thus somewhat of a Guido excuse for glass of red wine! (To achieve enough Resveratrol from wine requires a tank of wine!) Add to this all kinds of therapies considered on this Web, including Heat Shock and Cold Shock therapy! BUT add the real thing! The the real FAST! Now for those like me somewhat adverse to close medical supervised water fasts…an excellent substitute for FMD (Fasting Mimicking Diet of Valter Longo concept) that I believe, and have conceptually created in a mindful way…No warranties!… that is just one avocado a day including the ground up stone! with perhaps just a really small equivalent calorie portion to the one avocado…a cruciferous vegetable to act as an absorbent of toxins caused from the breakdown of fat where they are more readily stored! You have a choice here…some cauliflower…say one smallish stem and flowers…one smallish piece of broccoli and one radish! The idea is to get below the 800 calorie figure per day…even improve on the Valter Longo FMD calories!