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Surgical Infection Risk

Surgical Infection Risk
Surgical Infection Risk

Watching ongoing saga…Donald Trump and President Dieto of Mexico….many an innuendo of Mexican trade deception: implied, falsity of statement “Made in Mexico”. Why? NAFTA agreement itself, by interpretation, ‘legitimately’ hides doubtful subcontractors and producers from Asia or South America. Revolves around where the product “substantially produced”! It’s subjective, open to abuse! Would Mexico take advantage? Well…that answer…maybe best test parallel Mexican conduct! Domination by drug cartels, endemic corruption..extends to it’s own police, almost without exception, and army, and most POLITICIANS! In Canada…the longest open border in world & with US…difficulty even understanding this…here ethics, rules, and in the main….internal integrity. But Surgical Infection Risk.

Reminded me of BBC Documentary ‘Surgery’s Dirty Secrets’ first aired 2011. Seriously questioned quality of surgical instruments…surgeons having to double glove…risk own skin bacteria entering operating room if instrument faulty…FAULTY!? How!…instruments in Britain carry stamp “Made in Germany”…confidence? NO!…similar Mexico…if substantially made in Germany…then it’s LOOPHOLE….MADE IN GERMANY! German Steel sent in bulk to the Pakistan subcontractors…mostly dubious…in Punjab..Sialkot, where 2/3 of all world surgical instruments made! There..no German oversight…what comfortable German businessman travels to terrorist ridden Pakistan? Sialkot even cheats on German steel, often using cheaper French steel! Yet still stated German…MADE IN GERMANY magic stamp! Conditions of some 3000 outsourced producers in Sialkot are deplorable, labor $2.50 day!..child labor norm…its cheat, cheat! Result: a surgical instruments disaster!

This affects North America…Pakistan’s cartel on surgical instruments by default creates Surgical Infection Risk.

The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, reports at least 1000 incidents a year…in reality many never reported…. often fatal and usually attributed to other reasons!…protrusions, corrosion, poor assembly, welds, fissures, all major contributors to harboring BACTERIA. As many as one in five instruments…flawed! No wonder! Today we have run gauntlet on antibiotics…so we MUST avoid Bacteria! In a nutshell, that’s our nightmare! Again and again it seems governments excused…if the shoe was on the other foot, there would be a criminal investigation! But that’s a different story!

As this is a health Web site…a final tip….with colonoscopies and flexible endoscopes, only use cleaning agent paracetic acid…not glutaradlehyde ‘..brand name Cidex, which is used by 80% of clinics! Surgical Infection Risk.