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Beware, Battle Bovine Blunders, & Bona Fide?

Beware, Battle Bovine Blunders, & Bona Fide?
Beware, Battle Bovine Blunders, & Bona Fide?

Concept of beware of dairy! Also know that if we or our offspring not obviously outright reactive, there are still several degrees of problems.  What are these?

It is lactose intolerance. The inability to digest and break down lactose with lactase.

This produces two smaller sugars that our bodies can assimilate. Usually breakdown into Glucose and Galactose.

Allows sugar lactose to be absorbed from the intestine. Rare for lactose intolerance but condition symptomatic of a larger general problem.

Nearly all persons born with lactase and the ability to digest lactose.

We are talking about cows’ milk!

But let’s make it simple: We are talking about cows’ milk!

Now the human race is the ONLY animal on earth that consumes milk designed through evolution, to raise a completely different species!

we feed Cow’s milk to our offspring!

Both male and female bovines are extremely large and heavy.

Remember Casein from milk is self-programmed to fatten baby calves into a 2000 pound cow!

Uniquely we so frequently, invariably abandon Mother’s milk, and we feed Cow’s milk to our offspring!

Humans are unique in the animal kingdom with this habit!

Then there is our fondness to eat beef steaks, particularly on the problematic BBQ. Here we are dealing with toxins from cooking and heat.

Must we eat Bovine Meat for Strength?

Beef consumption comes with an association with strength! Just look at our nearest relatives those Apes without tails. They are vegetarians! Think of the Elephant!

In fact, there is a growing athlete and gym culture realization that we have more endurance without as number one culprit a Bovine Based Diet!

Another statistic: The more red meat the more risk of Colon Cancer.

It is the second leading cause of Cancer Death!

It’s a good reason, if you eat meat, to have regular colonoscopies and snip those polyps!

My best friend died of this and she had just saved her husband from the same cause!

A further connection:

Explanation: Humans allergic Neu5Gc molecule in Bovines, meaning Beef! one exception Bison or our North American Buffalo! This you can eat!

But worse news: we humans are allergic to Neu5Gc.resulting to an inflammatory reaction. as well as a lengthy 5 hours to digest, contributing to rotting meat in our gut.

Compare this to fish, digesting in some 30 minutes!

Plus our arteries contain molecule Neu5Ac, one molecule apart from Neu5Gc in cattle! So our arteries and vascular system mistakenly under attack as well!

This seems to be the link of red meat to cardiovascular disease!

Then yet another issue:

Our Dairy fetish is one of the reasons for our oft rejection or allergy as humans to Milk, Cream, AND Cheese!

Plus an aside: Casein from Cow’s milk is used in making glue to bind wood products! How’s that for food for thought!

Histamine reactions of humans reacting to this cause issues: asthma, arthritis, bronchitis, even ear infections!

No: Beware, Battle Bovine Blunders, & Bona Fide? We sure do Blunder as a race and rapidly are encouraging the world to do likewise!